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  • 🍟 US invests billions in domestic AI chip plants

🍟 US invests billions in domestic AI chip plants

🔓 Has OpenAI removed ChatGPT usage limitations?

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Tuesday’s top story: The US is investing $11.6B in Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to build three AI chip manufacturing factories on US soil, to encourage domestic production and reduce reliance on overseas supply of AI hardware.  

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  1. 🍟 US invests billions in domestic AI chip plants

  2. 🦾 Inflection AI leads Microsoft's new London AI hub

  3. 🤫 Leaked! Meta to launch Llama 3 next week

  4. 🔓 Has OpenAI removed ChatGPT usage limitations?

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Our Report: Under the CHIPS and Science Act (legislation aimed at boosting domestic AI chip production), the US government has announced plans to award Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) $11.6B in grants and loans to help them build three AI-chip production factories in Arizona.

🔑 Key Points:

  • As part of the deal (the largest foreign direct investment in a brand-new development project in US history), TSMC will also increase its US investments from $40B to $65B.

  • Two factories are already under construction—with production to start in 2025—while the third (expected to produce advanced chips) isn’t in construction yet. 

  • TSMC's investment will create over 6,000 high-tech manufacturing and 20,000 construction jobs and will include a $50M training budget to upskill local workers.

🤨 Why you should care: The funding is part of the government's push to increase home-grown AI chip manufacturing capacity to reduce reliance on South Korea and Taiwan and strengthen their technological independence.

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  • Three weeks after taking most of Inflection AI’s staff, Microsoft has launched a London hub (for the new consumer AI division) which will be led by Inflection AI’s, Jordan Hoffmann.

  • Hoffmann, who joined Google DeepMind in 2020 before jumping to Inflection, is (according to Inflection co-founder, Mustafa Suleyman) an “exceptional AI scientist.

  • Suleyman (who reports to Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella) also said they’re looking for AI talent, an opportunity that could push the UK ahead in the race for AI dominance.

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  • A Meta employee has leaked that Meta will launch two smaller Llama 3 large language models (LLMs) next week to generate excitement, ahead of the launch of Llama 3.

  • The two smaller LLMs will be more cost-effective and quicker at processing and are likely to be used by developers to build AI software for mobile devices.

  • When it lands, Llama 3 is expected to compete directly with OpenAI’s GPT-4 in its ability to understand, process, and generate larger amounts of text and images.

  • OpenAI’s usage limit policy previously stated that ChatGPT users had a limit of 40 messages every 3 hours, now it just says that “Usage limits may apply.

  • Some users have reported that their usage limits have increased, while others have revealed that OpenAI has actually introduced much stricter usage limitations.

  • This, and OpenAI’s failure to announce any changes to its usage policy, is encouraging some users to try platforms that offer greater flexibility, like Claude 3 and Gemini.

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