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  • 🇺🇸 US Federal Agencies Mandated To Hire A Chief AI Officer?

🇺🇸 US Federal Agencies Mandated To Hire A Chief AI Officer?

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US Federal Agencies Mandated To Hire A Chief AI Officer?


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  1. 🇺🇸 US Federal Agencies Mandated To Hire A Chief AI Officer?

  2. 🇬🇧 BBC in talks to sell company archives as AI training data

  3. 💨 Google to launch $20M AI accelerator program

  4. 🥇 Musk: all premium X subscribers will gain access to Grok

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Our report: The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) has mandated that every US federal agency appoint a chief AI officer to oversee the use of AI systems (to bolster safety and transparency in AI applications within the public sector).

🔑 Key Points:

  • The US government's new policy requires a chief AI officer in every federal agency to manage AI technologies and extends previous initiatives from the Biden administration's AI executive order.

  • The DoJ has already appointed Jonathan Mayer as its first chief AI officer and plans to hire 100 AI professionals by summer, with a focus on monitoring AI systems and ensuring they meet safety and discrimination prevention standards.

  • Notably—public transparency and the option to opt out of AI systems (like TSA facial recognition), are key components of the new guidance.

👀 Why you should care: This move underscores the US government's commitment to integrating AI in public services responsibly and transparently, aiming to set a standard for AI usage that prioritizes safety and ethical considerations.

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  • The BBC is exploring the sale of its content archive to technology companies for AI training data, seeking new revenue streams (A move that mirrors the trend in media, where archives are utilized to develop and enhance AI models, think LeMond to OpenAI).

  • The UK broadcaster aims to use its television and radio archives to power its own AI model, enhancing its production capabilities, particularly in journalism (part of a broader strategy to integrate AI technology into its operations).

  • However, the BBC is cautious about data privacy and unauthorized scraping. It emphasizes the need for a structured approach to AI collaboration, protecting the interests of its audience and maintaining control over its content.

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  • Google has initiated a $20M accelerator program to support nonprofits using generative AI, starting with 21 organizations, including Quill and the World Bank.

  • The six-month program offers funding, technical training, and Google employee support to develop AI tools for various social impacts.

  • Despite high interest, nonprofits face challenges like cost and resource constraints in adopting AI, prompting Google’s effort to facilitate AI integration and enhance productivity and effectiveness in the nonprofit sector.

  • Musk announced that all Premium subscribers of X will gain access to Grok (their AI chatbot), extending its availability beyond the higher-tier Premium+ subscribers.

  • This move may reflect an attempt to compete with other AI chatbots and boost subscriber numbers amidst declining user engagement on X.

  • Grok, distinct for addressing topics other chatbots avoid and accessing real-time X data, may attract users with its unique features—although the platform's decreasing user base poses challenges for its appeal and value.

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