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Tuesday’s top story: OpenAI has launched GPT-4o—its newest GPT model—which is faster and cheaper than its predecessors.

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  1. 🎉 GPT-4 gets an unmissable upgrade

  2. 📞 Google 3D calls coming in 2025

  3. 🌟 Europe gets Claude AI

  4. 🤖 ChatGPT powers TikTok search

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GPT-4o launched: Unmissable upgrade

Our Report: Following mounting speculation of a ChatGPT-powered search engine, a voice assistant, and the release of GPT-5, OpenAI has finally announced the launch of GPT-4o which will bring new and improved features to ChatGPT.

🔑 Key Points: 

  • GPT-4o is reportedly 2x faster, 50% cheaper, and will provide ChatGPT users with “GPT-4-level” intelligence but with improved text, vision, and audio capabilities.

  • It will also power a new voice assistant feature that can read facial expressions, translate in real-time, be interrupted, and respond to multiple prompts, turning ChatGPT into an assistant.

  • GPT-4o is available now, but OpenAI is launching the new voice feature to “a small group of trusted ChatGPT Plus subscribers” first before a wider rollout begins.

🤔 Why you should care: OpenAI is giving developers access to GPT-4o’s API so they can use it to build their own AI tools, which suggests a company refocus from its original vision, to “create all sorts of benefits for the world” to “we’ll create AI, then other people will use it to create all sorts of things that we all benefit from.”

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Google 3D calls coming 202

Our Report: Google kicked off its flagship developer conference (Google I/O 2024) with news that Project Starline—a video call system that makes remote interactions as natural as face-to-face conversations—will land next year (first announced at Google I/O 2021).

🔑 Key Points: 

  • Project Starline combines 3D imaging, AI, and special screens to create 3D images of people talking and gesturing as if they were in the same room, without needing VR/AR glasses.

  • After testing and technical reviews, Google says its technology improves attentiveness, memory recall, collaboration, and overall presence, compared to traditional video calls.

  • Google will collaborate with HP—known for its computing expertise—to commercialize Starline in 2025, integrating it into video conferencing platforms like Google Meet and Zoom.

🤔 Why you should care: While the premise of fully immersive, true-to-life video calls sounds beneficial, there are questions around accessibility and affordability for widespread adoption, with Google planning to release more details later this year, it’ll be interesting to see how this unfolds.

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🌟 Europe gets Claude AI

Our Report: Hot on the heels of its rival (OpenAI) debuting its newest AI model (GPT-4o), Anthropic announced that it’s expanding its own AI assistant—Claude—into Europe.

🔑 Key Points:

  • Previously available to just US and UK users, European users can now access and interact with Clause across multiple platforms, including a website (claude.ai) and an iOS app.

  • Claude can reportedly support and understand context in multiple different languages, showing fluency in French, German, Spanish, Italian, and other European languages.

  • Anthropic has announced paid plans that will unlock access to the advanced Claude 3 Opus model and the Team plan, which is designed for businesses.

🤔 Why you should care: Claude’s expansion into Europe launch comes after Anthropic released the Claude API to European developers, allowing them to integrate its AI models into their own applications, demonstrating a big push for growth.


🤖 ChatGPT powers TikTok search

Our Report: TikTok is reportedly testing a new AI search feature that uses ChatGPT to return search results.

🔑 Key Points:

  • TikTok establishes when the results have been generated using ChatGPT and also explains that it will just display content “when [the algorithm] finds them relevant to your search.

  • The AI-generated results are displayed in snippets at the top of some search results pages but not all queries have AI answers yet, so not all searches will return AI responses.

  • TikTok knows that its users like to search for things like restaurants or product recommendations in the app, instead of Google, and is, therefore, leaning into AI-generated search results.

🤔 Why you should care: This follows reports last week that TikTok has started auto-labeling content generated or edited with AI showing it's taking AI seriously, especially the potential misuse of it.

🍔 Quick hits

  • Microsoft has launched a (no-cost) “Reading Coach” app designed to give students personalized, safeguarded AI-generated stories.

  • Apple and Google are collaborating on an industry specification— Detecting Unwanted Location Trackers—that will alert users if their device is being used (unknowingly) to track them.

  • Meta is developing AI earphones with built-in cameras that will provide live translations and contextual information about surroundings.

  • Alongside the announcement of GPT-4o in their live stream yesterday, OpenAI also announced that their custom GPT store is open to everyone, even those without a paid subscription.

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