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Friday’s top story: Tesla shareholders have filed a lawsuit against CEO, Elon Musk, and the board of directors over Musk’s AI start-up company, xAI.

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  1. 🔥 Musk sued by Tesla shareholders

  2. 🎯 How to automate manual tasks in your outbound cycle

  3. ⚡ OpenAI's announces strategic hire

  4. ⚙️ How to Create a Blog Post with ChatGPT

  5. 💥 Alexa's future in doubt

  6. 🛠️ LinkedIn adds more AI job tools

  7. 💹 How to invest in the right products

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Musk sued by Tesla shareholders

Our Report: Tesla shareholders have filed a lawsuit against CEO Elon Musk–the largest Tesla shareholder–and the board of directors over Musk’s decision to start a competing AI company (xAI).

🔑 Key Points:

  • The shareholders claim that Musk and the board have breached their “fiduciary duty” to Tesla shareholders by launching xAI and diverting talent and resources from Tesla to xAI.

  • The lawsuit states that 11 Tesla employees have joined xAI and Tesla has allowed xAI to use its AI-related data, and demands the court to force Musk to hand his stake in xAI over to Tesla.

  • This comes after Musk raised $6B for xAI last week, and diverted a shipment of NVIDIA AI chips, reserved for Tesla, to xAI, claiming Tesla’s new data didn’t have room to store them.

🤔 Why you should care: The lawsuit comes after Musk threatened to develop AI outside of Telsa unless he was given more voting control, and was filed just hours before Tesla’s annual meeting, where shareholders were expected to approve the decision to incorporate the company in Texas—rather than Delaware, where it currently is—after a Delaware judge refused to award Musk with a $56B compensation package.

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  1. ProgrammingHelper supports code generation and analysis

  2. Humanlinker is for personalized prospecting and outreach

  3. SolidPoint summarizes large amounts of content with AI

  4. DreamFace uses AI to animate facial features in photos

  5. SciSummary uses AI to summarize scientific articles

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OpenAI's announces strategic hire

OpenAI's announces strategic hire

Our Report: OpenAI has announced that former head of the National Security Agency (NSA) and retired US Army General, Paul M. Nakasone, will join its board of directors.

🔑 Key Points:

  • Nakasone—who previously advanced the US’ cyber defense capabilities—has a wealth of experience in cybersecurity from years spent in the Army, US Cyber Command, and the NSA.

  • He will join OpenAI’s newly-formed Safety and Security Committee “as a first priority” and help OpenAI understand how AI can be used to detect and respond to cybersecurity threats.

  • His appointment comes after former OpenAI employees claimed that safety was deprioritized in favor of “shiny products,” and OpenAI’s talks with the US military about using its AI products.

🤔 Why you should care: In a press release, Nakasone said that “OpenAI’s dedication to its mission aligns closely with my own values and experience in public service,” which seems to ring true as he recently defended buying data to feed surveillance networks, arguing that there was no law against it, similar to OpenAI who has previously taken data to train its AI models, arguing that there was no law against it.

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Friday’s Prompt: How to Create a Blog Post with ChatGPT

Type this prompt into ChatGPT:

"I need a [type of blog post] that will convince my [customer persona] to buy my [product/service] by highlighting its unique benefits and addressing any potential objections."

Results: After typing this prompt, you will get a blog post that highlights your product/service benefits and handles potential objections, convincing your customers to buy your product or service.

P.S. Use the Prompt Engineer GPT by AI Tool report to 10x your prompts.

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💥 Alexa's future in doubt

Our Report: After Apple revealed its voice assistant, Siri, has new AI capabilities, Amazon is reportedly lagging in the re-development of its own voice assistant, Alexa, as it struggles to integrate AI into the existing model to keep up in the AI race.

🔑 Key Points:

  • Amazon demoed an AI Alexa in 2023, promising more contextual and intelligent capabilities, but former staff say technological and organizational challenges mean it might not ever be ready.

  • Reportedly, Amazon is struggling to combine existing Alexa capabilities with new AI technology, and as a result, AI Alexa is struggling to understand natural language and make API calls.

  • Another challenge is Amazon’s decentralized organizational structure, which has split people into siloed teams, causing friction and frustration, and slowing down progress.

🤔 Why you should care: In response to these reports, Amazon remains committed to building “the world's best personal assistant” and says the details provided by former employees were outdated and didn't reflect the current state of Alexa.

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🛠️ LinkedIn adds more AI job tools

Our Report: LinkedIn has announced new AI-powered features that will help job seekers find jobs, tailor their resumes, and get career advice.

🔑 Key Points:

  • The new AI features use prompts to search for jobs, review uploaded resumes, make improvement suggestions for specific job posts, and allow users to “make edits with AI.

  • LinkedIn is also piloting an AI tool that’s been trained with input from business experts spanning different industries, enabling users to have insight-based, career conversations.

  • These features will be available to Premium users and will join the other AI-powered features that LinkedIn launched last year, which include the ability to get summaries of posts.

🤔 Why you should care: LinkedIn is also planning to use AI to improve its search capabilities and provide smarter interactions and deeper insights into topics, whether a user is “looking to find someone, explore jobs, conduct outreach, or seek knowledge and answers.

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