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  • 🤖 How to summarize any article in seconds with AI

🤖 How to summarize any article in seconds with AI

And Google's new AI version of search

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You realize our mistrust of the future makes it hard to give up the past.”

Chuck Palahniuk, Survivor

Featured Deep Dive Schedule

Monday: Wiseone- Summarize any article in seconds

Tuesday: Numerous AI- Bringing ChatGPT into Excel & Sheets

Wednesday: Bardeen AI- Automation as easy as texting a friend

Thursday: Midjourney- Create any image with simple text prompts

Friday: KickResume- AI Resume Writer

AI Professor

This easy-to-install extension for Google Chrome lets you absorb your news and articles more efficiently with four essential functions: Discover, Cross-Checking, Summarize, and Suggestions.

  • Discover: Easily understand complex concepts or words

  • Cross-checking: Verify facts with different sources

  • Summarize: Get key concepts without losing information

  • Suggestions: Recommend more articles on the topic

“Summarize” in action. Took about 15 seconds.

Its ease of installation and convenience make it an excellent addition to your stable if you spend time reading or researching news.

Additional linked suggested reading.

💡 Quick Tip: If you find yourself stuck, WiseOne has a handy “Ask Anything” feature that’s being upgraded and planned for release in their next update. Icanto break down complex topics handily, with immediate results.

🏆 Challenge Yourself 🏆

Are you human? Then you likely have deeply held beliefs. Use WiseOne to find articles about your chosen topic: health care, fiscal policy, foreign conflicts, anything. Using the "Cross-Checking” feature, actively search for articles that hold the opposing view to your own.

If you’re like me, you’ll learn something new about your position or strengthen your ability to argue against counterpoints.

Learn something exciting? Share it with us.

AI Sommelier

prompt /prɒm(p)t/; verb-

To cause something to take a course of action

Visit chat.openai.com to engage with ChatGPT

Let’s start our week off right and practice meditation. Meditation has a profound positive impact on productivity. It enhances focus, concentration, and cognitive abilities, enabling individuals to work efficiently. Regular practice reduces stress and anxiety, fostering a calm mindset conducive to creativity and problem-solving. 

We’re all busy, so let’s keep it simple: 5 minutes at the beginning and end each day. Remember, you can adjust the amount of time and whether you’d prefer to split it up or do it all at once by making small changes to the prompt.

Can you make me a meditation plan using 5 minutes at the beginning and end of each day for this week?

Tips for Better Prompting

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with ChatGPT. If you get lost, remember you can always ask it to break down any task by asking it to explain your question “like I’m 11.” That seems to be the right balance between simplicity and nuance.

AI Reporter

G7 Leaders Forge Global AI Standards - At the G7 summit in Hiroshima on Saturday, the Group of Seven Nations leaders have agreed to work together to develop and adopt international technical standards for trustworthy artificial intelligence. They acknowledged both the benefits and risks associated with AI and emphasized the importance of accuracy, reliability, safety, and non-discrimination in AI systems.

Google Revolutionizing Search with AI - Google is experimenting with a new search method called Search Generative Experience (SGE) that uses generative AI to provide users with quick information and a conversational search experience. SGE offers snapshots of key details, allows follow-up questions, provides helpful suggestions, and offers diverse perspectives for exploration.

OLMo Language Model Redefines Possibilities - The Allen Institute for AI (AI2) has developed a ground-breaking open language model called AI2 OLMo (Open Language Model). OLMo has 70 billion parameters and aims to overcome limitations in existing language models. It will use a diverse dataset of scientific texts and be accessible to the research community for modification and improvement.

AI Art Curator

Top-voted generative art to inspire your day

/imagine our solar system in a jar with a black background

/imagine Harry Potter and the Red October

/imagine illustration for Jaws as a romantic comedy

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