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Monday’s top story: Despite rumors that Apple will launch its Apple Intelligence AI features in the fall of this year, reports are now saying that the ‘headline’ AI Siri features will not land until Spring next year.

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  1. ❗Apple AI upgrades postponed

  2. 🪝How to automate outbound selling with AI

  3. 🔍 YouTube AI cuts copyrighted music

  4. 🧊 How to write an effective cold email with ChatGPT

  5. 🚨 NVIDIA stock downgrade alert

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⬆️ Apple and Microsoft are both valued at around $3.5T after a strong performance last week. Microsoft’s early partnership with OpenAI and Apple’s latest announcement of additional AI features are fuelling the moves higher. Learn more.

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Apple AI upgrades postponed

Our Report: Despite rumors circulating that Apple would launch its highly anticipated Apple Intelligence features this year, reports are now saying that the biggest and best AI updates to Siri will not arrive until next year.

🔑 Key Points: 

  • Apple Intelligence is still expected to launch with the release of iOS18 and the new iPhone 16 series in the fall, but the most impressive, headline Siri features "should arrive next spring."

  • These ‘headline’ Siri features include the ability to control apps, perform more complex tasks (such as editing and sending photos), and suggest next steps, based on on-screen content.

  • Experts believe that these features will go into developer beta testing in January, and launch to the public in the Spring, as part of a planned iOS 18.4 upgrade.

🤔 Why you should care: Apple has been slow at releasing AI features, but the new AI-powered Siri updates and the integration of ChatGPT seem to have put Apple back in the lead, ahead of its biggest competitors—Google and Samsung—but for how long?

With Google’s Pixel 9 series launching next month, do you think it’ll have new AI features that will knock Apple off the top spot?

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🔍 YouTube AI cuts copyrighted music

Our Report: YouTube has launched an AI-powered “Eraser” tool that lets content creators cut-out copyrighted music from their videos, without affecting other audio elements like dialogue and sound effects.

🔑 Key Points:

  • Previously, if using copyrighted music, YouTubers had the option of muting all audio in the copyrighted segment or removing the copyrighted music entirely, which would often ruin the video.

  • The new ‘Eraser’ tool, uses an “AI-powered algorithm” to precisely identify and cut copyrighted music, allowing creators to silence it, without affecting any other sounds in the video.

  • YouTube has been testing this feature in beta for a while, but previously delayed its release after finding some inaccuracies when identifying copyrighted music.

🤔 Why you should care: YouTube is still warning content creators that the algorithm isn’t 100% accurate, and the feature might not work if “the song is hard to cut-out,” and recommends resorting back to traditional muting methods or removing the song completely, in these cases.

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Monday’s Prompt: How to write an effective cold email with ChatGPT

Type this prompt into ChatGPT:

"I'm looking for a cold email idea that will establish trust and credibility with my [ideal customer persona] by showcasing the expertise and professionalism of my [company/brand]."

Results: After typing this prompt, you will get a cold email template that you can use to establish trust and credibility with your audience.

P.S. Use the Prompt Engineer GPT by AI Tool report to 10x your prompts.

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🚨 NVIDIA stock downgrade alert

Our Report: With stock prices up by 154% for the year, stock market analysts usually label NVIDIA stock with “strong-buy” or “buy” ratings, but analysts have suddenly downgraded its stock valuation.

🔑 Key Points: 

  • Several Wall Street analysts have downgraded NVIDIA stock from “Buy” to “Neutral” after claiming its share value had reached its full potential, after failing to change much over the last month.

  • Although the "quality of the franchise is intact," and NVIDIA remains the strongest franchise for AI chips, “near-term expectations and valuation justify a more prudent view.

  • While NVIDIA stock is downgraded, the outlook remains strong for NVIDIA rivals—TSMC and AMD—as analysts predict AMD shares will be 38% above current levels in 12 months, and TSMC will be 19% higher.

🤔 Why you should care: Although this downgrade may indicate that NVIDIA may not be among the winners for the next AI spending boom, analysts say they still predict strong growth, it’s just investors must “be more careful and selective in their exposure to the trend."

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