🤖 Siri getting a massive AI upgrade?

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🤖 Siri getting a massive AI upgrade?


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  1. 🤖 Siri getting a massive AI upgrade?

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  3. 🕹️ Stanford working on AGI?

  4. 🐰 R1—A Turtle’s pace?

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Our Report: New reports indicate that we’re about to see a vastly improved version of Siri, bolstered by new AI features and potential partnerships with Open and Google.

🔑 Key Points:

  1. Apple has been quietly but actively advancing its AI capabilities, with recent reports suggesting that Apple has been engaging in discussions with prominent AI players like OpenAI and Google.

  2. Central to Apple's AI strategy is improving Siri. Reports indicate a concerted effort to enhance Siri by making it faster, more efficient, and capable of understanding and responding to complex queries more accurately.

  3. In pursuit of these goals, Apple is developing smaller yet more powerful AI models, including a fully offline mode in iOS 18—a significant step towards optimizing performance and ensuring user privacy by minimizing reliance on cloud-based processing.

🤔 Why you should care: With the invention of a revamped Siri and innovative AI applications across its ecosystem, Apple is poised to deliver a more seamless and intelligent user experience, catering to the evolving demands of its user base.

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Our Report: X has integrated Grok to power a new feature called Stories, which provides summarized versions of personalized trending stories in the Explore section of the app.

🔑 Key Points:

  1. With Grok's Stories, Premium subscribers can now access concise summaries of posts related to each trending story (on a user’s For You page), providing valuable insights at a glance.

  2. Grok's summaries are designed to capture the essence of each news item, offering a quick overview of the subject matter and key points. 

  3. By offering exclusive access to real-time data and personalized summaries through Grok, X aims to attract and retain premium users, highlighting the competitive landscape of AI-driven content curation.

🤔 Why you should care: X's adoption of Grok AI for Stories reflects a broader trend in the tech industry towards utilizing AI for content curation and news aggregation.

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  • Fei-Fei Li, a prominent AI scientist at Stanford, is launching a startup (with secured seed funding from a16z) centered on improving AI reasoning using human-like visual processing.

  • Li aims to imbue AI algorithms with spatial intelligence, enabling them to navigate and interact in three-dimensional spaces (a crucial advancement towards achieving AGI).

  • Li's startup represents a significant leap in AI capabilities and reflects ongoing efforts to bridge the gap between AI research and real-world applications.

  • The Rabbit R1 (yes, the standalone AI device we’ve been talking about for months) has shipped prematurely, much to the dismay of many consumers, as many users have identified various problems with the device.

  • Key issues include sparse app integrations (mainly big names such as Uber, DoorDash, and Spotify for now), simplicity compared to established AI assistants, and its inability to identify common objects with its AI camera.

  • Despite its shortcomings, the R1 has received over 100,000 orders from consumers around the globe and offers insight into novel users for AI products.

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