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Wednesday’s top story: The US Department of Justice has uncovered a massive Russian bot farm that has created over 900 fake social media profiles to spread disinformation about the Russia-Ukraine war.

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  1. ⚠️ Major Russian bot farm uncovered

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  3. 📰 Humane leaders quit!

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  5. 🧠 How to master critical thinking using ChatGPT

  6. 🛠️ Anthropic 10x prompts with new tool

  7. 🛍️ Etsy embraces AI art

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Major Russian bot farm uncovered

Our Report: The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has uncovered a major Russian AI bot farm, which—using AI—has generated over 900 fake social media profiles to spread disinformation about the Russia-Ukraine war in the US and other countries.

🔑 Key Points:

  • The bot farm used AI to create profiles (mostly on X), impersonating Americans and posting support for the war in Ukraine—including videos of Putin justifying Russia’s invasion—and other pro-Kremlin narratives.

  • An unnamed editor at Russia’s state-run media outlet (RT) was behind the propaganda campaign, and had RT leadership support to use the bot farm to “distribute information on a wide-scale basis.”

  • Although the DOJ doesn’t know how many people followed or interacted with the fake AI-generated content, X has suspended the fake profiles for “terms of service violations.”

🤔 Why you should care: The Kremlin has long since used fake social media profiles to spread disinformation and propaganda, but with rapid advancements in AI—that allow people to quickly and easily create realistic, but fake, images, text, audio, and video—this is becoming more and more prevalent, with Meta and OpenAI both recently identifying campaigns—some linked to Russia—that used AI to spread disinformation and manipulate public opinion.

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Humane leaders quit!

Our Report: As AI-pin company—Humane—struggles with poor, post-launch reviews and customer disinterest, two of its key employees have exited to found their own AI start-up.

🔑 Key Points:

  • Humane’s former Strategic Partnerships Lead (Brooke Hartley Moy) and Head of Product Engineering (Ken Kocienda) have both quit to launch Infactory: A fact-checking search engine.

  • Unlike Google AI Overviews, AI will not summarize information, it will pull data from trusted resources and LLMs will be used to create a natural language interface so users can get the intended results, easily.

  • This means the service will not produce hallucinations and, to ensure the information is accurate, they will collect and show information from high-quality, reputable data vendors, not general content providers.

🤔 Why you should care: Infactory is not aimed at the average consumer, though: It will be a subscription-based model aimed at Enterprises like newsrooms and research labs which depend on highly accurate information.

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They say AI will simplify everything—but the endless lists of 1,001 ChatGPT Ideas make things more complicated, not less.

That’s why we created The No-Cost, No-Code AI Toolkit, a carefully curated guide to the most powerful tools and best use cases for AI in your business workflows.

We’ve combed through all the options, cut out the distractions, and applied these automations to our own $1MM/year tech business—and now they’re ready for you, with zero coding knowledge required.

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Wednesday’s Prompt: How to master critical thinking using ChatGPT

Type this prompt into ChatGPT:

“How can I recognize and prevent groupthink in a team or collaborative setting?”

Results: After typing this prompt, you will get guidance from ChatGPT on how to recognize and prevent ‘groupthink’ in collaborative environments.

P.S. Use the Prompt Engineer GPT by AI Tool report to 10x your prompts.

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🛠️ Anthropic 10x prompts with new tool

Our Report: OpenAI rival, Anthropic, has revealed new features that will enable developers to build better applications when using their Large Language Mode (LLM) Claude.

🔑 Key Points:

  • One of the key features generates, tests, and evaluates engineering prompts, giving developers insightful feedback so they can create better prompts, and get improved outcomes.

  • Developers can see how effective their prompts are by uploading real-life examples or asking Claiude for AI-generated test cases, which allows them to compare how effective their prompts are, side-by-side.

  • The feature can be found under the ‘Evaluate’ tab within Console—the test platform for developers building products within Claude—and is designed to preserve prompt engineers’ time.

🤔 Why you should care: Anthropic co-founder and CEO–Dario Amodei–believes that top-notch prompt engineering (and, therefore, this new feature) is key for the widespread adoption of AI, as even small improvements to a couple of words within a prompt, can lead to ground-breaking improvements.

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🛍️ Etsy embraces AI art

Our Report: Online marketplace store—Etsy—has updated its seller policy to allow the sale of artwork, made by AI, as long as the artist discloses this information in the listing description.

🔑 Key Points:

  • They’ve introduced labels identifying whether an item was made, designed by AI, sourced, or handpicked, acknowledging AI for the first time, and adding clear guidelines around what the site will and will not allow.

  • Etsy knows that using AI tools in the creative process is inevitable, and believes that Artists “still make creative decisions and contributions to guide the AI”, but now requires them to be transparent about AI use.

  • However, they will not allow Artists to sell AI prompt bundles, as “prompts used to generate AI artwork are an integral part of the creative process and should not be sold separately from the final artwork.

🤔 Why you should care: This comes as unregulated AI is causing huge debate within the creative industries, with music artists, like Billie Eilish, recently issuing an Open Letter calling AI an "assault on human creativity" that "poses enormous threats" to the future of the industry.

Do you think Etsy is right to allow the sale of art created by AI?

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