📈 Reddit shares jump by 48% thanks to AI

💼 Work In AI x Job Coach GPT (Part 3)

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Friday’s top story: In its public market debut, Reddit shares went for $50.31, a 48% increase from its original IPO price ($34 per share), thanks to investor confidence in its AI data contracts with big tech companies.

All week, we’ve been combining the Work In AI job board with our Job Coach GPT. Today we’re launching part 3, designed to help you smash your interview and land that dream job.

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  1. 📈 Reddit shares jump by 48% thanks to AI

  2. 💰 Microsoft pays $650M for Inflection AI’s staff

  3. 📃 The UN agrees on the first AI resolution

  4. 🎼 Tennessee the first to protect music from AI

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