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PLUS: AI humanoid robot startup raises $70M

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  • 🛠️ Tools: ‘Midjourney’ makes your imagination a reality

  • 💡 Prompts: Creating cold sales emails

  • 🧠 News: AI humanoid robots and Microsoft's AI assistant for Windows

  • 🎨AI Art: Cryptids

Featured Tools Schedule - Week of May 22

Monday: Wiseone- Summarize any article in seconds

Tuesday: Numerous AI- Bringing ChatGPT into Excel & Sheets

Wednesday: Bardeen AI- Automation as easy as texting a friend

Thursday: Midjourney- Create any image with simple text prompts

Friday: KickResume- AI Resume Writer

AI Professor

Alongside ChatGPT, Midjourney is among the most well-known AIs currently available, taking any text prompt and turning it into an image. It’s fast and deeply versatile, giving you the option to adjust tons of parameters:

  • Specify your image’s aspect ratio

  • Request particular lighting

  • Composite two images

  • Ask for a description of an image

  • Set precise photography parameters

The biggest hurdle to Midjourney is it requires Discord, initially a gaming chat application that has since grown into a hub for crypto, NFT, web3, and AI-related topics.

 💡Quick tip: We share Midjourney work daily and strive to include prompts verbatim so you can learn how it works and the best ways to take full advantage of it.

🏆 Challenge Round 🏆

Your great business idea needs a logo.

  • Install Discord and Midjourney with the links above

  • Use the /imagine command to create a logo

  • For best results, specify your industry, primary and secondary colors, and art style (detailed, minimalist, etc)

  • Practice adjusting your prompt to fine-tune

  • Once happy, try to create an avatar and banner for your business

AI Sommelier

Visit to engage with ChatGPT

Scouring every AI-related post to bring you the best ready-made prompts to make you more effective and productive.


"I'm looking for a [type of email] that will draw in my [ideal customer persona] with a strong headline and hook, and then convince them to take [desired action] with persuasive language and compelling evidence."


"I need a cold email idea that will compare my [product/service] to similar options on the market and persuade my [ideal customer persona] to choose us with clear and compelling evidence."

AI Reporter

Helix Simplifies Generative AI - Dell and NVIDIA have partnered for an initiative to simplify the creation and utilization of generative AI models in businesses called Project Helix. They will provide full-stack solutions, tools, and technical expertise based on Dell and NVIDIA infrastructure. The collaboration aims to help enterprises rapidly establish scalable on-premises generative AI infrastructure.

AI Startup Figure Raises $70 Million for Humanoid Robot: Imagine a robot that can do anything a human can do, but better. That’s the vision of Figure, an AI startup that raised $70 million to develop a humanoid robot that can learn from its environment and perform a variety of tasks. Figure’s robot is expected to be ready by 2025 and could revolutionize industries such as healthcare, education, and entertainment.

AI Assistant for Windows 11 - Microsoft announced that it will bring its Windows Copilot, a chatbot powered by artificial intelligence, to the home screen of computers running Windows 11. Windows Copilot will serve as a central, text-based AI assistant accessible from the Windows taskbar. It will be integrated with a variety of other apps.

AI Art Curator

Daily Midjourney Theme with Prompts

/imagine old photo, proof of cryptid exists, analog photograph, cross processing, light leaks, expired damaged film, tintype, worn out borders, decayed --q 2 --s 750 --c 25 --ar 16:9 --c 65

/imagine cryptid empress by Bertha Lum --ar 2:3 --v 5.1

/imagine a singularity in a cryptid multiverse creates cliches women with shiny rubber skin with black and red paint, no cape, glitteringcore, rubbercore, blonde hair, standing, posing, dancing, full view, adjust to fit screen size, depth of field, white background, reflecting mirrors, in the style of vray tracing, striped, new british sculpture, serge marshennikov, high-contrast shading, ultra-wide angle, depth of field, professional photography, ultra realistic, 8k resolution, ultra detailed, bicolor red, --style raw --chaos 0 --ar 16:9 --q 2 --seed 917309257

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