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And Google tries to straddle being bold and responsible

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🥊 3 Quick Tips
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And a unique 🧩 AI Challenge to test your skills

/imagine The hardest Where’s Waldo ever

💡 3 Life-Changing Tools

💡 Tool #1: Nyric: An Exploration into Virtual Worlds

Although it’s not fully released yet, Nyric is fascinating. Nyric is an AI world-generation platform that opens a portal to your creativity. With Nyric, you can generate virtual environments using simple prompts and share these worlds with others. View the promo video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IptOdOu8Scc 

🥊 Quick Tip: Once fully released, experiment with various prompts to create unique worlds. Join other players' worlds, interact with their creations, and share feedback. Building connections can inspire your world design and enhance your experience.

💡 Tool #2: Decktopus: A New Take on Presentations

Decktopus is an AI-powered presentation generator that makes creating presentations easier. It uses your title and content to generate a presentation, giving you more time to focus on the message, not the design.

🥊 Quick Tip: Decktopus’ Magic button can suggest images, icons, and slide notes to enhance your content. Try embedding live websites or videos in your presentation to captivate your audience.

💡 Tool #3: eesel: Your New Tab, Upgraded

eesel is a Chrome extension that transforms your new tab into a functional document search engine. It helps you organize and access documents from various platforms while respecting your privacy by running fully locally.

🥊 Quick Tip: You can search by questions, keywords, and titles, making finding the information you need in your documents more accessible. With easel, less is more. Instead of typing out long search terms, try using concise, specific keywords or questions to get the most relevant results faster.

/imagine My 600lbs Superhero Life: Captain America

🖌️ 3 Hot News Bites

1: Meta's AI bringing your senses to life: Meta has announced a new open-source AI model that can link together six types of data: text, image, audio, depth, thermal, and motion. The model, called ImageBind, is a breakthrough in multimodal AI, which aims to create systems that can understand and generate content across multiple senses.

2: Saying Goodbye to Your Phone: A secretive tech start, Humane, founded by former Apple executives, has revealed a glimpse of its new device: a wearable AI assistant that aims to replace smartphones. The device, which has no screen and operates entirely by voice, gesture, and projection, was demoed during a TED talk.

3: Google Tries To Straddle Being ‘Bold’ And ‘Responsible’ In AI Product Blitz: Google unveiled a slew of new AI-powered products and features at its annual developer conference, including a voice assistant that can make appointments and reservations for users, a photo app that can animate old pictures and videos, and a smart canvas that can collaborate with other Google services. The company also emphasized its commitment to ethical and responsible AI development, following a controversy over the firing of two prominent AI ethics researchers last year.

/imagine Dr. Dre but an actual doctor

🧩 Challenge Round

  • Install eesel on your browser and open a few work documents from different apps (such as Google Docs, Notion, Figma, etc.).

  • Use eesel’s new tab to search for a specific document by its title or content.

  • Use eesel’s commands to create a new document in one of the apps.

  • Use eesel’s ChatGPT feature (if you have access to the beta) to ask a question related to one of your documents and see if you get a relevant answer.

  • Share if you found it as helpful as I did!

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