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  • 🎙️ OpenAI can replicate your voice with a 15-second sample

🎙️ OpenAI can replicate your voice with a 15-second sample

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🎙️ OpenAI can replicate your voice with a 15-second sample

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  1. 🎙️ OpenAI can replicate your voice with a 15-second sample

  2. 🇺🇸 The US House banned from using AI

  3. 🤖 Musk to release a new version of GrokAI next week

  4. ♞ Google DeepMind CEO receives UK Knighthood

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Our Report: OpenAI has launched a voice cloning AI model called Voice Engine, which can replicate a person's voice from just a 15-second sample.

🔑 Key Points:

  • Voice Engine has been in development since late 2022 and can produce synthetic voices that read text prompts in the speaker's language or other languages, broadening its application scope.

  • Initial access is granted to select companies, including Age of Learning and HeyGen, showcasing the model's potential in educational and storytelling contexts.

  • OpenAI emphasizes the importance of ethical usage, requiring partner companies to obtain consent for voice cloning and to inform users about using AI-generated voices (although this will do little to deter those with malicious intent).

  • Amidst growing concerns over AI voice misuse, OpenAI is implementing measures like audio watermarking and monitoring to ensure responsible deployment.

🤨 Why you should care: OpenAI's Voice Engine represents a significant advancement in voice cloning technology, highlighting the potential for innovative applications and addressing ethical and security challenges.

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Our Report: The U.S. House has imposed a ban on the use of Microsoft's AI Copilot by congressional staff, citing cybersecurity concerns (following previous restrictions of ChatGPT).

🔑 Key Points:

  • Microsoft's AI Copilot, integrated into Office apps, has been flagged for potential unauthorized data sharing, leading to its removal from House devices.

  • Simultaneously, Microsoft is developing government-specific AI tools to meet higher security and compliance standards, aiming to address congressional concerns.

  • Notably, the House's Chief Administrative Officer highlighted the risks of data leaks to non-approved cloud services as a reason for the ban (currently, only the commercial version is banned).

🤨 Why you should care: The prohibition of Microsoft Copilot in Congress underscores the growing scrutiny over AI technologies in government settings, emphasizing the need for secure and compliant AI solutions in sensitive environments.

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  • Musk's AI startup, xAI, will launch the Grok-1.5 chatbot on the social media platform X next week, with the enhanced version aiming to surpass current AI technologies.

  • Grok-1.5 will initially be accessible to early testers and existing users. However, a larger rollout is expected in the coming months, granting the masses free (or cheaper) access to AI models.

  • Musk's venture into AI with xAI is part of his broader competition with giants like OpenAI and Google in the AI space—only time will tell how well Grok and xAI are received.

  • Demis Hassabis, co-founder and CEO of Google's AI subsidiary DeepMind, has been knighted for his contributions to the field of AI.

  • His work at DeepMind—particularly the development of the AI system AlphaGo—has been pivotal in advancing AI technology, and the knighthood reflects his role in positioning the U.K. as a leader in AI research and development.

  • This honor acknowledges not only his achievements in AI but also the broader impact of his work on the global stage, highlighting the significance of AI innovation in contemporary society.

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