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  • 🤯 NVIDIA reports $6B in pure profit from AI surge

🤯 NVIDIA reports $6B in pure profit from AI surge

PLUS: Germany doubles down on AI funding to catch China

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Today, we’re looking at NVIDIA’s huge Q2 announcement and what that means for the AI industry.



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🧠 News: NVIDIA reports $6B in pure profit from Q2 earnings report

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Our Report: NVIDIA, in its Q2 earnings report, highlights its substantial gains, surpassing $6B in pure profit, due to the surge in generative AI.

🔑 Key Points:

  • For Q2, Nvidia reported a revenue of $13.51B, which is significantly higher than the $6.7B earned during the same period in the previous year.

  • The primary source of income came from their data center business ($10.32B), which overshadowed their gaming revenue (the profit leader up until this year).

  • The data center business focuses on providing the chips—A100 and H100—essential for developing and running AI applications, such as ChatGPT.

  • Profits are a direct result of a strategic decision NVIDIA made in 2018 to go all in on AI, with CEO Jensen Huang highlighting the potential for growth due to the transition from traditional data storage to accelerated data storage using AI.

🤨 Why you should care: Nvidia's thriving success in the generative AI domain underscores the industry's potential and the growing dependence on AI tools and infrastructure for future tech developments.

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Germany intends to nearly double its public funding for AI research to almost a billion euros within two years to catch up with AI leaders, China and the U.S.

This investment aims to bolster its economy amidst competition and establish 150 AI-focused university labs. That said, Germany still ranks 9th globally, behind the U.S in private investments alone.

Scientists have developed brain implants that transform neural activity into text, allowing individuals unable to speak for over a decade to communicate again.

One participant—Ann, who had been left without motor control from a stroke 18 years ago—could communicate with 95% accuracy. 

Google is enhancing security for its Google Workspace products, including Gmail and Drive, using an AI-enhanced "zero trust" security model.

New capabilities will combine zero trust with data loss prevention, allowing AI-driven classification and control of sensitive data to improve data protection and prevent unauthorized access or leaks.

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