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  • ⚖️ New OpenAI tool to prevent copyright lawsuits

⚖️ New OpenAI tool to prevent copyright lawsuits

Apple's new iPad Pro is 60x more powerful

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Wednesday’s top story: OpenAI is developing a tool that will give content creators control over whether their work is or isn’t used to train AI models, therefore preventing copyright lawsuits.


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  1. ⚖️ New OpenAI tool to prevent copyright lawsuits

  2. 💪 Apple's new iPad Pro is 60x more powerful

  3. ⚙️ Meta launches new AI ad tools

  4. 🔍 New OpenAI tool detects AI images

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OpenAI new tool to stop lawsuits

Our Report: OpenAI is developing a tool—Media Manager—that will allow content creators to control how their work is used in AI training, aimed at preventing future content copyright lawsuits.

🔑 Key Points:

  • Media Manager (due to launch in 2025) will enable content creators to specify how/if they want their work to be included or excluded from ChatGPT model training.

  • OpenAI will use ML to identify copyrighted text, images, audio, and video across multiple sources, and work with content creators and regulators to establish AI content usage standards.

  • The first-of-its-kind tool will offer creators additional protections for AI data scraping and give content creators more granular control and options for how their content is used.

🤔 Why you should care: The new tool is OpenAI’s response to growing criticism of its approach to developing AI models–like ChatGPT–which rely on scraping publicly available data from the web, some of which is copyrighted material.

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Apple's new iPad Pro: 60x more powerful
  • Apple announced that its new AI chip—the M4—will power the latest iPad Pro, making it 60x more powerful than its earlier models, which are powered by M2 chips.

  • The M4 can perform 38 trillion operations per second and promises 1.5x faster processing speeds (50% faster) than the M2, leading to more advanced on-device AI-powered features.

  • It also has increased power efficiency—contributing to longer battery and reduced environmental impact—and provides more realistic graphics capabilities and complex rendering.

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⚙️ Meta launches new AI ad tools

  • Meta is rolling out new AI tools for advertisers, designed to help brands create on-brand social media content, and aims to have them globally available by the end of the year.

  • Advertisers can use AI to generate new variations of original ads, including different angles, backgrounds, and images, and can auto-re-size them for social posts and reels.

  • They also have a new AI-powered text-generation feature that recognizes and reflects a brand voice and tone when generating headlines and advertising copy.


🔍 New OpenAI tool detects AI images

  • OpenAI is working on a tool that uses AI to predict if an image was created using AI (particularly DALL-E 3) to prevent deep fakes and misinformation.

  • Researchers are currently testing the tool, and while it can detect DALLE-3-generated images 98% of the time, it currently flags just 5-10% of AI images generated using other AI image tools.

  • This comes after OpenAI joined the Coalition of Content Provenance and Authority (C2PA) steering committee and added credentials to image metadata to identify image origins.

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