🫢 Musk shames OpenAI by making Grok open-source

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Tuesday’s top story: Amidst his lawsuit, Musk takes another swipe at OpenAI by making his Grok chatbot open-source.

New podcast episode: To the Bank - AI Comes for Finance
Digital finance innovator, Christos Markidis, tells us why AI is a significant leap forward for the banking industry

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  1. 🫢 Musk shames OpenAI by making Grok open-source

  2. ⚡ Midjourney blames rival Stability AI for 24hr outage

  3. 🤖 Covariant launches ChatGPT for robots

  4. 🏁 AV startup raises $250M part-funded by F1 winner

  5. 🚀 WhatsApp founder funds next-level AGI

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Our Report: In alignment with his ongoing lawsuit against OpenAI—for deviating from its open-source roots—Elon Musk has announced that he will open-source Grok (its ChatGPT rival) this week.

Key Points:

  • Grok—a chatbot that accesses information via X (formerly Twitter) and answers unconventional questions—was launched last year, and is available on a $16 monthly X subscription.

  • Musk’s move to make Grok open-source comes 11 days after he sued OpenAI for turning its back on its mission to advance open-source AI for the “benefit of humanity.”

  • Although he didn’t specify exactly which parts of Grok he plans to open-source, making the chatbot open-source will give the public access to the code that it’s built on.

Why you should care: Alongside Meta and Mistral—who have also published their code to the public—Musk has been consistent in his support for open-sourcing (many of Tesla's patents are open-source) as he believes it will speed up innovation in the space.

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  • Text-to-image model, Midjourney, suffered an outage that prevented its users from generating images for 24hrs, and has accused its rival Stability AI of causing it.

  • It traced “botnet-like activity from multiple paid accounts” back to the Stability AI data team—which was attempting to scrape its data—causing the severe system outage.

  • In response, they’ve banned all Stability AI employees and introduced a policy that will stop any company from exercising “aggressive automation”, causing outages.

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  • Robotic software startup, Covariant—founded by ex-OpenAI researchers—has used chatbot technology to build AI robot software (RFM-1) that learns by watching/listening.

  • Users can chat with RFM-1 (as they would with ChatGPT) and it will process real-world data to gain human-like context and determine what to do next.

  • This marks a step up from traditional robotic systems which are programmed to do one job repeatedly, and Covariant plans to integrate this into warehouse robots.

  • Autonomous vehicle (AV) software start-up—Applied Intuition—has raised $250M (valuing it at $6B), to bring more AI to automotive, defense, and agriculture sectors.

  • The Series E funding round was led by Lux Capital and Porsche Investments Management with contributions from others, such as A16z and F1 champion Nico Rosberg.

  • Applied Intuition already works with “18 of the top 20 automakers, autonomous vehicle startups, and the Army and Defense Innovation Unit.

  • Newlands VC (WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum’’s investment firm), is leading a $10M Series A funding round into SuperAGI (an Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) research lab).

  • SuperAGI researches and builds open-source AGI frameworks and models that are used by over 20,000 developers (including those from Google, Tesla, and OpenAI).

  • Funding will allow them to build an AGI platform based on Large Agentic Models (LAMs)—next-stage Large Language Models (LLMs)—to resolve common issues (like inaccurate results).

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