Microsoft building humanoid robots?

ChatGPT rival Claude is on mobile

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Thursday’s top story: Microsoft is collaborating with Sanctuary AI to develop general-purpose humanoid robots.

🎙️ Plus: A podcast episode has just landed. Give “The Approaching End” with Sam Sammane, a listen. It’s well worth it.

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  1. 🤖 Microsoft to build humanoid robots

  2. 📱 ChatGPT rival Claude is on mobile

  3. 🦾 Atlassian boosts productivity with AI tool

  4. 🛟 Microsoft grows AI safety team by 16%

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Microsoft to build humanoid robots

Our Report: Microsoft has announced a collaboration with Sanctuary AI, known for its humanoid robot, Phoenix to develop general-purpose humanoid robots.

🔑 Key Points:

  • Both will work on the development of Large Behavior Models (LBMs) which power general-purpose robots, allowing them to learn from the real world, not computer simulations.

  • Microsoft will provide Azure cloud infrastructure to power heavy AI workloads and Sanctuary AI will bring its deep technical expertise and experience to the collaboration.

  • Sanctuary AI’s robots have already been deployed into one of Canada’s largest retailers and have been tested across 400 customer-related tasks across 15 different industries.

🤨 Why you should care: After leading a $675M Series B funding round into AI robotics start-up, FigureAI, in February, this partnership further strengthens Microsoft’s commitment to AI development with Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, also expressing his own, personal interest in humanoids, earlier this year.

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ChatGPT rival Claude is available on mobile
  • OpenAI's rival—Anthropic—has released an iOS app for its AI chatbots: Claude Opus (its largest model) Claude Sonnet (its mid-sized model), and Claude Haiku (its smallest model).

  • The mobile app syncs across mobile and desktop and allows users to upload photos from their iOS devices and get contextual understanding, and real-time responses to their queries.

  • The iOS app is available on any Claude plan, and all three models performed similarly to GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 on common benchmarks, making it an interesting alternative to ChatGPT.

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🦾 Atlassian boosts productivity with AI tool

  • Atlassian has launched an AI tool (Rovo) that utilizes Atlassian Intelligence to help users find, learn, and utilize information that’s spread across multiple internal and third-party tools.

  • Rovo can find contextually relevant information and has an AI chat feature that gives in-depth analysis of information, making complex information easily digestible.

  • It can also automate workflow tasks and help with issue-solving, making information functional and, therefore, enhancing team productivity and decision-making.


🛟 Microsoft grows AI safety team by 16%

  • In its first annual AI transparency report, Microsoft revealed it has grown its AI product safety team by 16.6% and 99% of its employees have completed responsible AI training.

  • They also announced that they’ve released 30 responsible AI tools with over 100 features that make it more difficult for users to manipulate AI chatbots for bad.

  • Their prioritization of AI safety education and transparency comes after it failed to prevent its AI image tool from creating abusive images last month, despite engineer warnings.

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