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  • 💵 Microsoft: The richest company in the world (thanks to AI)

💵 Microsoft: The richest company in the world (thanks to AI)

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Our biggest news story this morning: Microsoft becomes the richest company in the world, beating Apple.

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🌤️ This Morning on AI Tool Report

  1. 💵 Microsoft: The richest company in the world (thanks to AI)

  2. 📉 Google & Microsoft shares plummet costing $190B

  3. 🗣️ ChatGPT brings GPTs into conversations

  4. 💰 Robotics firm to secure $100M from OpenAI and Microsoft

  5. 📰 The New York Times is building an AI team

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Our Report: Microsoft earned $62B in revenue for the quarter that ended on December 31, 2023 (thanks to its investments in cloud computing and AI technology), making it the richest company in the world, beating Apple.

🔑 Key Points: 

  • The quarterly earnings report shows that Microsoft is the wealthiest company in the world, beating Apple, which has been hit by sluggish iPhone sales in China.

  • Powered by investments in AI—namely its cloud-computing unit—Microsoft reported a net income of $21.87B with a 33% increase in revenue.

  • Its intelligent cloud department (which includes its Azure services) made $25.8B (a 20% increase from last year's Q4 earnings), beating estimates of $ 25.3 B.

  • Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, says its success is because they’ve “moved from talking about AI to applying AI”, as analysts predict $60.97B in revenue for this January-March quarter.

🤨 Why should you care: Although Microsoft reported record-breaking earnings and has a market capitalization of over $3 trillion, it’s not immune to AI volatility: Their share prices dropped to nearly 2% in after-hours trading, leaving investors worried (more below).

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  • AI companies (including Google, Microsoft, and AMD) witnessed a loss of $190 billion in market capitalization, triggered by plummeting shares.

  • Google faced the biggest drop, with shares falling by 4%—despite generating 13% more revenue in the last quarter (YoY)—with investors likely reacting to low ad revenue.

  • AMD witnessed a 3.3% decline in share value, which (despite projecting robust sales) came after their revenue earnings fell short of estimates.

  • And—despite reporting record-breaking earnings—Microsoft shares also slipped by 2%, which experts believe is because of its aggressive investment plans.

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  • OpenAI is now allowing its paying ChatGPT customers to bring custom-made GPTs into conversations, by typing ‘@’ and selecting a GPT from the list.

  • GPTs that have been added to a conversation will understand the full context of the conversation, including things that have been said before they were added.

  • With over 3M GPTs to choose from (including AI Tool Reports Bionic Speed Reader), OpenAI will introduce monetization strategies, but not until store traffic reaches beyond 2.7%.

  • Robotics firm—Figure AI—is in talks with OpenAI, Microsoft, and others to raise $500M to further develop Figure 01, an AI robot that could replace humans in high-risk roles.

  • Microsoft is expected to contribute $95M while OpenAI is set to invest around $5M, following a previous funding round (led by Parkway VC) which raised $70M.

  • If this funding round succeeds, it could reach a pre-funding valuation of $1.9B and a post-funding valuation exceeding $2B, propelling it to unicorn status.

  • The New York Times (NYT) is hiring a team of ML engineers and AI editors who will work with internal teams to take AI ideas from prototypes into production.

  • The team won’t replace journalism, it’ll focus on developing new ways to use generative AI and ML to help journalists with reporting tasks.

  • This comes after the NYT recently filed a lawsuit against OpenAI and Microsoft, claiming that ChatGPT was undermining the publication and depriving it of revenue.

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