🕵️ Microsoft escapes EU probe

🔥 Google prevents natural disasters with AI

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Thursday’s top story: Microsofts $13B partnership with OpenAI is no longer being investigated by EU antitrust regulators for unfair competition, as the deal didn’t result in a takeover of the company.

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  1. 🕵️ Microsoft’s $13B OpenAI deal escapes EU probe

  2. 🔥 Google’s Alphabet prevents natural disasters with AI

  3. ⬆️ LinkedIn testing ‘Premium’ AI subscription

  4. 👻 Snapchat copies Meta and watermarks AI images

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OpenAI and Microsoft

Our Report: Microsoft’s multi-billion dollar partnership with OpenAI will escape a formal investigation from EU antitrust regulators, who were concerned over big tech companies' AI partnerships and the impact on competition.

🔑 Key Points:

  • In January, EU regulators stated that Microsoft's $13B partnership with OpenAI could be considered an acquisition, resulting in unfair competition and market dominance.

  • They’ve since established that the partnership didn’t result in a takeover and would “need to conclude a change of control on a lasting basis” before opening an investigation.

  • However, the Microsoft-OpenAI partnership is also under scrutiny from the UK Competition and Markets Authority to see if the deal affects competition among UK firms.

🤨 Why you should care: To evade further regulatory scrutiny, Microsoft is actively seeking partnerships with other generative AI companies, recently announcing its multi-year partnership with the French start-up, Mistral AI, although the EU has declared it will also be analyzing this agreement.

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🔥 Google’s Alphabet prevents natural disasters with AI

Natural disaster
  • Google’s parent company Alphabet and its spin-off AI company (called X) have unveiled “Project Bellwether”, which uses AI to forecast natural disasters, like wildfire and flooding.

  • Project Bellwether enables environmentalists to forecast wildfire risks up to five years in advance and helps first responders identify “critical infrastructure” during natural disasters.

  • The US National Guard Defense Innovation Unit will utilize Project Bellwether, as current technology is delaying response times, causing damage to humanity and property.

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⬆️ LinkedIn testing ‘Premium’ AI subscription

  • LinkedIn is testing a ‘Premium Company Page’ subscription, which (for $99p/m) will include AI features to help subscribers write posts, grow followers, and raise company profiles.

  • These AI features are aimed at small-to-medium businesses to help them attract customers, build credibility, stand out to their audience, and achieve their business goals.

  • This follows reports in March that LinkedIn’s Premium user subscriptions grew by 25% year-on-year, and it made $15B in 2023, with $7B of that coming from its recruitment business.


👻 Snapchat copies Meta and watermarks AI images

  • Like Meta, social media platform Snapchat will stamp transparent watermarks (in the shape of its ghost logo) on images created using its AI tools, once they’ve been downloaded.

  • Currently, Snapchat marks AI content with “context cards” that explain how AI features work, and “contextual” icons to make users aware of AI content. 

  • These safety measures come after its recently launched “My AI” chatbot made some questionable responses about potentially unsafe subjects, like alcohol, last year.

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