📢 Microsoft cuts jobs (again)

⚠️ OpenAI security flaw

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Friday’s top story: Microsoft has made more layoffs, marking the third round, so far, this year.

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  1. 📢 Breaking: More Microsoft layoffs

  2. 🧹 How to declutter your inbox with AI

  3. ⚠️ ChatGPT privacy concern

  4. 🏗️ How to build your LinkedIn presence with AI

  5. 🧑‍💻 How to get comprehensive answers to coding questions with ChatGPT

  6. 🚀 Samsung’s $7.5B profit boom

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⬆️ AI stocks continue to rally helping the S&P500 and Nasdaq to break all-time highs. NVIDIA is leading the charge in the AI sector with an impressive 4% gain on Wednesday. The upside move is fuelled by investor speculation that interest rate cuts could be around the corner. Find out more.

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Breaking: More Microsoft layoffs

Our Report: As Microsoft closes its fiscal year, they have initiated another round of layoffs; marking the third, so far, this year.

🔑 Key Points:

  • Although it’s unknown how many employees have been affected by these recent layoffs, reports indicate that those in product and program management teams have been hit the hardest.

  • This also comes after it cut around 1,000 jobs across its Azure cloud and mixed-reality teams last month and approximately 2,000 from its gaming division in January.

  • In its defense, Microsoft explained that these “organizational and workforce adjustments” were a necessary and normal part of managing a business in such a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

🤔 Why you should care: Microsoft’s layoffs are part of a wider trend that’s hitting the tech sector, as reports show that over 100,000 tech workers have been laid off since 2023 as they strive to balance growth and profitability with a tumultuous, highly competitive economic environment

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⚠️ ChatGPT privacy concern 

Mac users privacy concern

Our Report: OpenAI recently launched a desktop app for Mac users, but it has been plagued with a security flaw that allows third-party applications to read users’ private chats, in plain text, making users vulnerable to malicious apps.

🔑 Key Points:

  • MacOS has a feature that requires user consent before other apps can access private data, but OpenAI opted out of these safeguards, by offering ChatGPT through their website, not the Apple Store.

  • In response to the controversy, OpenAI has updated the Mac ChatGPT desktop app and has “shipped a new version of the application which encrypts these conversations.”

  • But the new version still doesn’t opt-in to Apple’s MacOS safeguards, so although private chats are now encrypted, they could still potentially be vulnerable to malicious third-party attacks. 

🤔 Why you should care: Although OpenAI does give users the option to opt out of giving their data up for training, they’ve chosen to swerve Apple’s tight security protocols which is concerning, as conversations could still be exposed, without consent.

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Friday’s Prompt: How to get comprehensive answers to coding questions with ChatGPT

Type this prompt into ChatGPT:

“I want you to be a stack-overflow expert. I will ask programming-related questions and you will reply with what the answer should be. I want you to reply with the given answer, and write explanations when there is not enough detail. Do not write explanations. When I need to tell you something in English, I will do so by putting text inside curly brackets {like this}. My first question is "How do I read the body of an http.Request to a string in Golang”

Results: After typing this prompt, you will get comprehensive answers to your programming questions, related to stack-overflow.

P.S. Use the Prompt Engineer GPT by AI Tool report to 10x your prompts.

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🚀 Samsung’s $7.5B profit boom

Our Report: Samsung has forecasted that its operating profit will soar to $7.5B in the second quarter, which will be 15x more than this time, last year.

🔑 Key Points:

  • Alongside its forecast, Samsung also confirmed a 10-fold jump in profit for the first quarter of this year, thanks to the “skyrocketing demand for AI chips in data centers and smartphones."

  • This demand has increased memory chip prices by 15% (from the previous quarter) which shows that the $160B memory chip market is bouncing back, after a post-COVID slump.

  • But the announcement comes after Samsung workers went on strike last month and days before a planned, three-day union walkout (including at key chip plants) over a pay dispute.

🤔 Why you should care: Despite such a promising start to the quarter, investors remain concerned about Samsungs market position against smaller rivals, like SK Hynix, whose share prices have soared in comparison, and because they’ve failed to get their latest chips approved by NVIDIA.

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