♨️ Meta in hot water over explicit AI images

📋 Ex-OpenAI Director: “OpenAI needs to be audited”

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Wednesday’s top story: Meta’s independent Oversight Board is investigating Meta’s AI safety policies after they failed to detect and respond to explicit AI-generated content.

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  1. ♨️ Meta in hot water over explicit AI images

  2. 📋 Ex-OpenAI Director: “OpenAI needs to be audited”

  3. 🚀 Google ads get new AI features

  4. 🎵 Amazon copies Spotify with AI playlists

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Our Report: Meta’s independent Oversight Board is investigating Meta’s policies surrounding explicit, AI-generated content, following two incidents where AI-generated, explicit images were posted to Facebook and Instagram, which Meta’s systems failed to detect and respond to.

🔑 Key Points:

  • In both incidents, Meta has removed the content, but with the first, it failed to respond to a user (who reported the explicit content twice), before it was escalated to the Board.

  • In the second, Meta detected an explicit AI image of a US public figure and took it down, raising questions over why it removed the first image, but not the second.

  • The board will investigate both cases—they’re asking for public comments (until April 30th)—and will post its decision over Meta’s handling of each case, in a few weeks.

🤨 Why you should care: Meta has recently announced plans to widen the scope of content it reviews and labels with “Made with AI”, but these two incidents suggest an inconsistent enforcement policy regarding AI-generated deep fakes, which explains why the Board is stepping in to investigate.

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📋 Ex-OpenAI Director: “OpenAI needs to be audited”

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  • Ex-OpenAI Director (Helen Toner) has called for AI leaders—such as Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI—to be audited, so “others can examine the information they provide.”

  • She’s insisting they share information about “what their systems can do and how they’re managing risks”, claiming there needs to be a reporting system, for when AI goes wrong.

  • Toner supported the ousting of OpenAI CEO, Sam Altman (after she co-authored a paper criticizing its safety practices), and resigned when the decision was reversed.

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🚀 Google ads get new AI features

  • Google announced generative AI features for its advertising platform, Demand Gen, which accelerates the creation of Google ads across platforms like YouTube and Gmail.

  • The new features allow advertisers to create images—tailored to their branding needs—using text prompts, and use a “generate more like this” tool to re-create high-performing assets.

  • To comply with safety policies, AI images will include markings—like invisible digital watermarks—and the features are available now, in English, with more languages coming this year.


🎵 Amazon copies Spotify with AI playlists

  • Amazon Music is testing a new AI-powered playlist generator, “Maestro” (similar to Spotify’s AI playlist feature) where users can generate playlists using spoken, text, and even emoji prompts.

  • Users can write or speak prompts (or choose from a list of prompt suggestions) that include activities, sounds, or emotions, and an AI-generated playlist will appear.

  • While Maestro is in beta for Amazon Music users and Prime and Amazon Music subscribers in the US, Amazon has

  • warned that it “won’t always get it right the first time.”

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