📢 Meta announces new AI content policy

🎧 Spotify launches AI playlist feature

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Monday’s top story: Following criticism from its Oversight Board about its existing ‘confusing’ and ‘narrow’ content rules, Meta has announced a new approach for AI-generated content.

🌤️ This Morning on AI Tool Report

  1. 📢 Meta announces new AI content policy

  2. 🎧 Spotify launches AI playlist feature

  3. 🖼️ OpenAI launches new DALL-E editing features

  4. 📧 Gmail to launch email summary AI feature

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Our Report: Following criticism (back in February) from its Oversight Board (which independently reviews content moderation decisions) that its existing content policies are 'narrow,' 'incoherent,' and 'confusing’, Meta has announced changes to its AI-generated content rules.

🔑 Key Points:

  • From May, Meta will add a 'Made with AI' label to a wider range of AI content—including videos, images, and audio—to more clearly differentiate deceptive content.

  • It already applies ‘Imagined with AI’ labels to photorealistic images using its Meta AI feature, but agrees with the Board’s argument that its existing approach is too narrow.

  • To avoid infringing freedom of speech, it’ll stop removing AI content unless it violates other policies (such as voter interference or bullying), instead relying on labeling.

🤨 Why you should care: Meta’s shift towards adding labels to content that’s been identified as “AI-content” by the content creator or “industry standard AI image indicators”—and their decision to stop removing AI content if it doesn’t violate their policies—is designed to “provide transparency,” as the “better way to address content”, but it’s likely to lead to an increase in AI-generated content across Meta’s platforms.

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Spotify AI playlist
  • After launching its ‘AI DJ’ feature, Spotify has announced ‘AI playlists’ (in beta for premium UK and Australia users), that can generate custom playlists based on written prompts.

  • Prompts can reference things like animals or activities, and contain moods and artists so users can ask for a wide variety of playlists, such as “hip-hop songs to serenade my cat.

  • Users will also receive prompt suggestions to help them get started, and will be able to refine their playlists by issuing commands like “less upbeat” or “more pop”.

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  • OpenAI has announced that its text-to-image model—DALL-E—has two new features that will allow users to edit images and access editing prompt suggestions.

  • An editing icon will appear when DALL-E generates an image, so users can highlight an area and type a prompt—like “make this red”, or “add glasses”—to refine it.

  • It will also help users type better prompts and edit their images by providing preset-style prompt suggestions—like “re-generate a new image in a sci-fi style”.

  • Google is about to launch a new “summarize this email” feature that will allow Gmail users to get summaries of individual, lengthy, and information-dense emails.

  • Google already offers a similar feature for paying Gemini Workspace users, but it's only available on desktop and it can’t summarize a single email, only email threads.

  • The new ‘’summarize this email” feature will appear as a button under the subject line, and will complement its “reply suggestions” feature, which is available on Gmail for Android.

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