🤖 WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook get MetaAI

🧋 Big shakeup for Google AI teams

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Friday’s top story: After the release of Llama 3—its most powerful large language model yet—Meta is bringing MetaAI (powered by Llama 3) to WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook.

🌤️ This Morning on AI Tool Report

  1. 🤖 MetaAI comes to WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook

  2. 🧋 Big shakeup for Google AI teams

  3. 🔥 Stability AI fires 10% of its workforce

  4. 🌅 Slack launches “Recap” for AI morning summaries

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Our Report: Meta has upgraded its AI chatbot (MetaAI) with its newest large language model (Llama 3), and users can use it (via the search bar, within posts, feeds, or chats) on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp, across 12 new countries including the US, UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and Singapore (in English).

🔑 Key Points:

  • MetaAI (powered by Google and Bing) provides users with real-time data and can answer questions, offer recommendations, and find information within posts, reels, and chats.

  • Users can also use its new “Imagine” image generator feature (currently in beta) which generates images, in real-time (as you type), and can animate or turn them into GIFs.

  • Meta AI is also accessible via a new, standalone site (meta.ai) so users can chat and save conversations—like they can with ChatGPT—and on Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses in the US.

🤨 Why you should care: According to Meta, Llama 3 (that powers Meta AI) is safer than its predecessor, sharing that it’s been stress-tested, refined, and trained to restrict discussing illicit topics that relate to things like weapons and cyber-attacks.

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🧋 Big shakeup for Google AI teams

  • Google is merging its Research, DeepMind, and Responsible AI teams so that AI developments will now be done within Google DeepMind, to accelerate its “capacity to deliver capable AI.”

  • The new structure aims to streamline AI development, facilitate closer collaboration between research and practical application teams, and give the team an aligned focus.

  • This comes after Google faced backlash earlier this year, after its text-to-image generator created inappropriate and inaccurate historical images, prompting a temporary pause.

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🔥 Stability AI fires 10% of its workforce

  • Stability AI—who built the text-to-image model, Stable Diffusion (and has just released Stable Diffusion 3)—has laid off 20 of its employees, which equates to 10% of its workforce.

  • This comes after several high-profile researchers and Stability AI founder and CEO, Emad Mostaque, abruptly left the company in March to “pursue decentralized AI.”

  • Interim CEOs—Shan Shan Wong and Christian LaForte—say the redundancies are part of its plan to reduce costs, strengthen investor support, and continue to release innovative products.


🌅 Slack launches “Recap” for AI morning summaries

  • Slack has launched a new generative AI tool, called “Recap”, that will compile a daily summary of important conversations, giving users a summary of key interactions, each morning.

  • The AI-powered recaps include mentions of specific people and links to where the messages took place, and users can access the feature via the sidebar.

  • This, and Slack’s other AI features—the search (finds messages) and summary (summarizes missed conversations) tools—are also now available on paid plans (previously just for Enterprise).

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