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  • 🕮 How to learn any skill in 30 days with ChatGPT

🕮 How to learn any skill in 30 days with ChatGPT

And AI is coming for healthcare

Every day, we bring you:

  • 💡 Prompts: Ready to use, along with tips to improve your own

  • 🛠️ Tools: The latest innovations with a challenge to up your game

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  • 🎨 Art: Top-voted creations to inspire your day

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Learn any new skill

Eager to learn a new skill? Paste the following prompt into ChatGPT.

"I want to learn [insert skill]. Generate a 30-day plan that will help a beginner like me learn the skill from scratch."

Here's a sample output for this prompt:

Whether learning the guitar, speaking a new language, or mastering a coding language, this prompt creates a personalized roadmap to help you stay committed and overcome the difficulty spikes.

Want to get better at something?

Research shows your odds of following through with a given objective increase to nearly 95% if you have an accountability partner.

That’s us.

Email us your customized plan. Then, every Wednesday for the next month, send us a short email (a paragraph or less) with your progress (good or bad). We’ll help you stay on track and feature any especially cool standouts.

Tool #1: Humata.ai - Learn faster and work smarter with AI

Humata AI is a fantastic tool that lets you upload any document and ask questions about it in natural language. You can also generate new writing based on your file, such as summaries, insights, reports, and more. Humata AI uses the latest advances in AI to learn from your files and synthesize results 100X faster.

💡 Quick Tip: If you are working on a research project and need to find reliable and relevant sources, you can use Humata AI to help you. Humata AI can scan your document and generate a list of references that match your topic and criteria. You can also ask Humata AI to filter the references by date, author, journal, etc. This way, you can save time and effort in finding and citing sources for your research. 

Tool #2: Cody - ChatGPT for your business

Cody is an AI assistant that can be trained on your business documents and provide instant answers, support, and creative work. You can upload any document to build your knowledge base and customize Cody for different purposes, such as marketing, HR, or support. Cody can also help you troubleshoot issues, brainstorm ideas, and give suggestions based on your context and history.

💡 Quick Tip: Use natural language when asking questions or giving commands. Cody can understand complex queries and provide relevant answers based on your knowledge base. You can also give feedback to Cody to help it improve over time. Cody will learn from your interactions and adapt to your preferences and needs. 

Tool #3: Boomy - AI for Music Creation

Boomy is an AI-powered tool that aims to make music creation accessible to everyone. You don't need professional skills - pick a genre, create a song, and customize it to your liking. It's an exciting innovation for music enthusiasts.

💡 Quick Tip: With Boomy, the music you create is your own. You can publish your crafted tunes on streaming platforms and earn from your work. Very useful for agencies or filmmakers, as it’s an excellent workaround for licensing.

Challenge Round

Humata AI: If you want to level up your AI skills in less than 5 minutes, do the following tasks:

  • Upload a document of your choice to Humata AI. It can be anything from a research paper, a book, a resume, a contract, etc.

  • Ask at least three questions about your document using natural language. For example, you can ask about the main idea, the key points, the author’s background, the implications, etc.

  • Generate new writing based on your document using Humata AI. You can choose from different options such as summary, insight, report, etc.

  • Share your document, questions, and generated writing with us. Explain how Humata AI helped you understand and create new content from your file.

This challenge will test your ability to use Humata AI effectively and creatively. It will also show us how you can leverage the power of AI to enhance your work and learning. Good luck!

StableStudio Transforms Words into Visual Wonders - Stability AI Ltd. has embraced open source by launching StableStudio, an open-source version of DreamStudio. StableStudio utilizes the powerful Stable Diffusion model, enabling users to generate impressive images from text prompts. The model excels in producing realistic photos, clear text, and diverse artistic styles.

Funding Boost for Healthcare Bots - Hippocratic AI specializes in creating safety-focused large language models for healthcare and has raised a $50 million seed round from General Catalyst and Andreessen Horowitz. The bots will cover different healthcare roles, such as nutritionists, genetics counselors, and billing specialists.

AMD's Next Leap in Processor Technology - AMD CTO revealed that AMD will bring hybrid architectures to its lineup of consumer processors in the future. These designs use larger cores designed for performance mixed in with smaller efficiency cores, much like Intel's 13th-Gen chips. AMD will leverage its chipset design and 3D stacking technologies to create more heterogeneous solutions.

Top-voted Midjourney art to inspire your day (prompts included)

/imagine A truly unique and captivating image that defies conventional boundaries. Produce an unexpected and mesmerizing visual composition that sparks intrigue and wonder. Push the limits, explore uncharted territories, and embrace the unconventional to create an image that stands apart.

/imagine a girl wearing a pearl earring and holding a phone, in the style of jessica drossin, scott rohlfs, reflections, lori earley, caravaggesque chiaroscuro, yankeecore, navy and crimson

/imagine two chihuahuas on a table playing guitars, in the style of surreal fashion photography, raw materials, anglo gothic, photorealistic portraits, photobash, wimmelbilder, ancient egypt

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