Is this the end of Google as we know it?

ChatGPT’s Google search launching next week?

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Friday’s top story: After five months, the highly-publicized court case against Google—in which the US Justice Department has accused Google of using its power to prevent fair competition—is due to close this week.

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  1. 🔚 US v Google: Is this the end of Google as we know it?

  2. 🚓 Microsoft bans police from using facial recognition AI

  3. 🌏 3rd Southeast Asia venture for Microsoft

  4. 👀 ChatGPT’s Google search launching next week?

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U.S. v. Google: Is this the end of Google as we know it?

Our Report: After 5 months, the biggest antitrust case in a quarter of a century (between the US Justice Department and Google) about whether Google is stifling competition and innovation, comes to a close this week.

🔑 Key Points:

  • The US Justice Department is accusing Google of abusing its monopoly power to control the search engine market, stifling fair competition, and providing a low-quality user experience.

  • A key argument is about whether Google’s spend on default placements exceeds its spend on improving quality search results and is stopping competitors from entering the space.

  • Google argued that people choose to use its search engine, and spending billions to ensure it has default placement on devices makes total business sense.

🤨 Why you should care: As closing arguments for the case wrap up this week, the judge is expected to issue his ruling in the Autumn, and if he finds Google guilty, another court case will determine how to rein in its market power, and this could involve a company restructure and change the way we use the internet.

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Microsoft bans police from using facial recognition AI
  • Microsoft has changed the language in its terms of service to ban US police departments from using its Azure OpenAI Service for facial recognition purposes.

  • The updated terms prohibit police from using face recognition on mobile cameras and state that its AI services may not “be used for facial recognition purposes by or for police departments.

  • This comes after Axon—a military tech manufacturer—unveiled a product that uses GPT-4 to summarize audio from body cams, which could produce dangerous hallucinations and racial bias.

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🌏 3rd Southeast Asia venture for Microsoft

  • Microsoft has announced a $2.2B venture in Malaysia, to advance its cloud and AI infrastructure, which follows similar deals made, this week, in Indonesia and Thailand.

  • Over 4 years, it will build cloud and AI infrastructure, upskill 200,000 people, and establish a national ‘AI Centre of Excellence’ to enhance the nation's cybersecurity capabilities.

  • Microsoft’s venture in Southeast Asia comes at an interesting time, as tensions between China and the US over AI developments and access to advanced AI chips increase.


👀 ChatGPT’s Google search launching next week?

  • Rumors are heating up that OpenAI will unveil its ChatGPT-powered search engine on May 9th at 10am, which will directly challenge Google’s dominance in the search marketplace.

  • An SSL certificate that authenticates the website address has been found and a tweet reading “Search (dot) ChatGPT (dot) com May 9th” is fueling the rumors.

  • The ChatGPT-powered search engine is expected to provide AI-powered summaries and quick results, which is similar to Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE).

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