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As you’ve probably already seen, we’ve just rolled out AI For Professionals 2.0 with the following modules:

  1. How to build a 7-figure business using an AI copilot (led by me, Martin Crowley, CEO & Founder of AI Tool Report)

  2. 10X your productivity with smart prompts & custom GPTs (Led by Melvin Van Dosselaar, CEO & Founder of EleventhAI)

  3. Your comprehensive introduction to AI (Led by our Creative Director, Arturo Ferreira)

  4. Write with AI & grow on LinkedIn (Led by LinkedIn MasterMind, Luke Matthews).

  5. How to save 400 hours with an AI executive assistant (led by Xembly)

  6. How to 4x your communication with custom how-to guides (led by Guidde)

  7. How to build a functional app in less than 1 hour  (led by Graft)

  8. How to do 5x more with ChatGPT in less than 2 hours  (led by Guidde)

As part of the rollout, we’ve also further bolstered the Free Preview so you can see inside every new module and start learning how to become an AI Professional today…


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