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  • ☎️ The FCC to make AI-generated robocalls illegal

☎️ The FCC to make AI-generated robocalls illegal

🎙️ New podcast episode: 'Ageism and the AI Age'

This morning’s biggest news story could see robocalls, that use AI-generated voices, made illegal.

Plus, it’s Thursday, which means a new ‘AI Tool Report Live’ podcast episode has just dropped! In this one, we discuss ‘Ageism and the AI age’ with AI educator, Claire Farwell.

Give it a listen.

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🌤️ This Morning on AI Tool Report

  1. ☎️ The FCC to make AI-generated robocalls illegal

  2. ⚗️ OpenAI to stop ChatGPT from creating bioweapons

  3. 🚗 Volkswagen to open AI lab

  4. 🛒 Shopify launches new AI tools

  5. 💳 Users will pay for ‘Bard Advanced’

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Our Report: Following the President Biden robocall fiasco last week—which attempted to suppress the voters of New Hampshire—The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is proposing that all robocalls, that use AI-generated voice tech, should be made illegal.

🔑 Key Points: 

  • Currently, under the 1991 Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), the FCC prohibits “artificial” voices, but the Act doesn’t specify if a voice emulation, created by AI, falls under this category.

  • This means that robocalls are currently only illegal when they are found to be breaking the law—like using AI to mimic voices to influence public opinion, for example.

  • The FCC wants to make this law clearer by including ‘AI voice cloning’ under the “artificial” umbrella of the existing TCPA, with the commission expected to pass the change urgently.

🤨 Why you should care: If robocalls that use AI to clone voices are made illegal, it will become easier to take legal action against the operators behind these frauds, making the world a safer, more ethical place to live.

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  • OpenAI assembled 50 biology experts and 50 biology students to test whether GPT-4 has the potential to help users create harmful biological weapons.

  • The team used a research version of GPT-4 (which has no restrictions on which questions it could answer) to complete a set of tasks related to making a biological threat.

  • Based on their findings, OpenAI is developing a ‘blueprint’ that will identify and mitigate risks associated with creating bioweapons, when using their technology.

  • This comes after President Biden signed an executive order last year, in an attempt to govern the use of AI and prevent it from creating chemical, biological, or nuclear risks.

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  • VW is planning to build an AI lab designed to develop AI breakthrough ideas and internally coordinate the production of AI-driven prototypes for their cars.

  • They’ll partner with tech companies (from Europe, China, and North America) to build prototypes for testing, and eventually license the AI technology for use in their vehicles.

  • Solutions they’re planning to advance with the AI lab include optimizing EV charging, predictive vehicle maintenance, and in-car voice recognition.

  • This move comes after they announced they were partnering with OpenAI to integrate ChatGPT into its cars, enabling them to compete with Mercedes, Tesla, and BYD.

  • As part of its Winter rollout, Shopify has announced 100 new updates, including an AI-powered search update (Semantic Search) and image editor (Magic Media Editor).

  • Semantic Search can interpret the context behind a customer’s query, allowing them to use natural phrases like, “warm clothes for winter”, to find what they’re looking for.

  • The Magic Media Editor allows merchants to add filters, create new backgrounds or remove unwanted ones, and match background styles from previous imagery, for brand consistency.

  • Google is set to unveil ‘Bard Advance’ later this year, with Google CEO, Sundar Pichai, announcing that users will need to pay a subscription if they want to use it.

  • Bard Advanced will be powered by Gemini Ultra (Google’s largest, AI model) which can perform complex tasks like understanding, summarising, reasoning, and coding.

  • Although the cost for the subscription is unknown at this stage, experts are expecting it to be around the $20 mark, to rival the ChatGPT-4 subscription.

  • Google’s decision to offer Bard Advanced on a subscription-only basis was made to boost its subscription revenue (which already brings in $15B annually).

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