⚖️ EU unanimously approves the AI Act

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This morning’s biggest story: The EU government has passed the AI Act, which will revolutionize the safe and ethical use of AI across all European industries.

To celebrate this week’s launch of our new job board “Work in AI”—the only job board that’s dedicated to finding you a 6-figure job in AI—we’ve released the first edition of our “Work in AI GPT”: Optimizing Your Resume.

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🌤️ This Morning on AI Tool Report

  1. ⚖️ EU unanimously approves the AI Act

  2. ♊ Google’s Bard set to be renamed this week

  3. ☁️ The Cloud market is booming thanks to AI

  4. 🔍 Arc Search launched with no guardrails

  5. 🍏 Zuckerberg slams Apple’s new policy

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Our Report: All 27 ambassadors of EU Member States have passed the final draft of the EU’s AI Act—a plan for regulating AI applications—making the EU the first to put regulations and guidance in place for the safe and ethical use of AI.

🔑 Key Points: 

  • The new regulations include governance and transparency requirements for the use of high-risk AI (where AI could harm health, safety, human rights, and democracy).

  • EU Commissioner–Thierry Breton–said the AI Act also “promotes innovation in trustworthy AI” and supports AI companies by giving them “a predictable regulatory environment”.

  • It’s thought that the AI Act could be adopted before the summer, following which there will be an implementation period before the new law applies to AI models/companies.

🤨 Why you should care: After two years of negotiations, the AI Act is said to be the most comprehensive set of rules that will govern the safety and use of AI and is set to shape global industries, including military use.

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  • A leaked document established that Google will announce changes this week (expected on Wednesday), one of the biggest being that Bard will be renamed to Gemini.

  • Google states that “as of this week, every Gemini user has access to Google’s best family of AI models. To better reflect this commitment, we’ve renamed Bard to Gemini.”

  • Another expected change is that Gemini Advanced—only accessible via a paid subscription plan (still no pricing)—will launch this week, giving users better capabilities.

  • In addition, the Gemini app will also be available for Android users and iOS users will be able to access it via the Google app on select US devices.

Designed to work alongside our new job board—“Work in AI” (launching next week)—our Work In AI GPT will help with every aspect of job applications, from perfecting resumes to mastering interviews.

Edition 1 of 3: Optimizing Your Resume

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  • Thanks to increased interest in AI, cloud revenue in last year’s fourth quarter was up by $12B, taking it to $74B (the largest increase the cloud market has experienced).

  • Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI gave Azure a 2% increase in market share during the last quarter, taking its overall market share to 25%, rivaling AWS which has a 31% share.

  • Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure make up 67% of the overall cloud market share, and, combined, they generated $50B in revenue during the last quarter.

  • The Browser Company’s Arc Search launched a new iOS "browse for me" feature that surfs the web and returns results, without using search engines.

  • However, the feature has returned some disturbing answers to questions about unsettling, dangerous, or crime-enabling topics such as suicide or drug taking.

  • Although Google also serves results about unsettling and dangerous topics, it redirects users to alternative topics or provides them with resources, like help numbers.

  • The Browser Company’s CEO (Josh Miller) “feels horrible” about the lack of guardrails in place, and the company is currently working on an immediate fix.

  • The release of the Apple Vision Pro is being overshadowed by criticism from big tech CEOs—including Zuckerberg—about Apple’s new App Store policies.

  • Under new EU legislation, Apple now can’t stop developers from using marketplaces other than the App Store to distribute and sell their apps.

  • In response, Apple will now charge developers for every download on apps that have over 1M installs and require financial proof that “guarantees support for users."

  • Zuckerberg has blasted its new regime, claiming it’s "at odds with the intent of the EU regulation” which was meant to combat anti-combative practices and benefit developers.

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