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In today’s daily dose of AI greatness, you’ll discover:

💡 3 Life-changing tools
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🖌️ 3 Hot News Bites

And a unique 🧩 AI Challenge to test your skills

💡 3 Life-Changing Tools

💡 Tool #1: StockIMG: The Artist in Your Pocket

StockIMG is an AI-driven tool that crafts custom visuals based on your descriptions. Whether you need a book cover, a logo, or a one-of-a-kind wallpaper, StockIMG is here to help you create.

🥊 Quick Tip: Play with synonyms and try inputting abstract concepts or emotions. See how the AI interprets them visually to explore a range of visual possibilities that StockIMG can generate.

💡 Tool #2: Eightify: Your Personal Video Summarizer

Eightify is a Chrome extension that uses AI to summarize YouTube videos. Quickly grasp the content and jump right to the parts that matter most.

🥊 Quick Tip: Don't be afraid to try Eightify on long videos! Extracting the most critical parts can save you time, especially from lengthy content. Also, Eightify is not just for YouTube. Use it on any website hosting YouTube videos. It's like having your personal video tour guide on the web!

💡 Tool #3: Namelix: The Perfect Name Generator

Namelix is a free AI-powered tool that generates catchy and unique names for your prospective business based on your keywords and preferences. Finding the perfect name has never been easier.

🥊 Quick Tip: When using Namelix, don't limit yourself to one name style. Explore different styles to find the most fitting name for your project. Namelix loves creativity. Feed it specific, interesting keywords about your project, and let it surprise you with the perfect name.

🧩 Challenge Round

NOTE: StockIMG only lets you generate 1 image for free, so choose wisely.

Imagine you are finally writing the novel or autobiography you’ve always wanted to write. Your challenge is to make a book cover for that book using StockIMG. Try to create a visual representation that communicates this concept in an innovative way. If you have extra credits, experiment with different descriptions and keywords to see how the AI interprets your instructions. Reply to this email with your book cover and what your prompt was.

The winner gets one month free of ChatGPT+ and the book cover featured in tomorrow’s newsletter.

my prompt: artificial intelligence, book cover, rays of light, stone pillars, realistic, 8k, cinematic, photorealistic, cool colors,

🖌️ 3 Hot News Bites

1: Congress Debates AI's Impact with OpenAI CEO: The US Congress will hear from Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI. This will be his first testimony before lawmakers who are looking for ways to regulate the AI industry. He will be joined by IBM’s chief privacy and trust officer, Christina Montgomery and NYU professor Gary Marcus, who are also experts on AI.

2: Revolutionizing the fast-food industry: Wendy’s, a fast-food chain, will launch a pilot program next month to use an AI chatbot to take orders at one of its drive-thru locations. The company hopes to improve customer service and efficiency with this technology.

3: Hugging Face revolutionizing Natural Language AI: World’s leading open-source AI company Hugging Face has released a groundbreaking new product called Transformers Agent. Transformers Agent is a natural language API that allows users to manage over 100,000 HF models by conversing with the Transformers and Diffusers interface. Transformers Agent is a powerful new tool that has the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with AI.

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