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📦 Amazon AI spots defects

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Tuesday’s top story: Microsoft’s new feature, Recall—which stores screenshots and user activity containing private data—has been called a “disaster” for cybersecurity.

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  1. ⚠️ Disastrous Microsoft feature

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  4. ⛈️ Microsoft AI to predict disasters?

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Dangerous Microsoft feature

Our Report: Microsoft is about to launch Recall—an AI-powered feature that takes screenshots of your screen every five seconds and records interactions with your PC, to give you “an explorable timeline of your PC’s past”—however security experts are warning that it could be a “disaster” for cybersecurity.

🔑 Key Points:

  • Ex-Microsoft employee, Kevin Beaumont, has tested Recall—which will be enabled on all Copilot Plus PCs, by default (set to launch on June 18th)—and found some major security flaws.

  • Although Microsoft admits that Recall will not hide sensitive data, like “credentials or account numbers”, they’ve claimed that all data processing will remain on-device, making it secure.

  • But Beaumont found that Recall stores this data, in plain text, on a database, which is easily accessible by hackers and Infostealer trojans (malware used to steal credentials).

🤔 Why you should care: Beaumont and other security experts are urgently calling for Microsoft to re-work the feature before it launches later this month, after Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, announced that all employees will make security a “top priority” over launching new features.

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📦 Amazon AI spot defects

Amazon AI Inspects Your Orders

Our Report: Amazon is launching an AI tool—Project PI (“Private Investigator”)—that combines AI and computer vision to flag whether products are either defective or damaged, or the wrong color or size, before being sent to customers.

🔑 Key Points:

  • When a product is ready for shipping it’s scanned, through an imaging tunnel, and computer vision programming (AI that contextually understands images) checks for damage or errors.

  • If Project PI finds a defect, the system checks for similar issues (to find the root cause), and employees then review it and decide if it can be discounted and sold on Amazon’s resell site.

  • Amazon is also developing a multimodal large language model that compares customer reviews with Project PI images to try and establish why customers are dissatisfied with an item.

🤔 Why you should care: Amazon has developed Project PI—which is already “active” in some North American warehouses (with a wider rollout coming later this year)—to improve the quality and accuracy of shipments and create a more sustainable shipping system, as returns contribute to transportation and packaging-related carbon emissions.

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🏆 AMD vs NVIDIA: AI war

Our Report: A day after NVIDIA announced its next-generation Rubin AI chip at the Computex tech conference in Taipei, AMD unveiled two AI chips—the Ryzen AI 300 series and the Ryzen 9000 series—ramping up competition between the two rival AI chip manufacturers.

🔑 Key Points:

  • Ryzen AI 300 will be for next-generation AI laptops (directly competing with Intel’s upcoming AI chip, Lunar Lake) and will also power laptops installed with Microsoft’s Copilot chatbot.

  • The Ryzen 9000 AI chips are for desktops, and AMD is claiming they’ll be “the world’s fastest consumer PC processors” for gaming and content creation.

  • Both chip lines are expected to launch in July this year and—also like NVIDIA—AMD has stated that it plans to release AI chip technology every year, rather than every two years.

🤔 Why you should care: AMD’s announcement comes as AI chip firms race to launch the fastest, most powerful AI processors to power the growing number of advanced AI systems, and battle it out to establish dominance in the AI hardware market.


⛈️ Microsoft AI to predict disasters?

Our Report: Microsoft has introduced its latest AI weather forecast model—Aurora—which uses AI to improve weather forecasting accuracy and efficiency.

🔑 Key Points:

  • Aurora was trained on “over 1M hours of diverse weather and climate simulations” and atmospheric data like temperature, air quality, and greenhouse gas concentrations.

  • This has given it “a comprehensive understanding of atmospheric dynamics” and enhances its ability to predict weather forecasts and scenarios, especially for extreme weather events.

  • The diverse atmospheric dataset training also enables it to make accurate predictions, even in data-sparse regions such as developing countries and polar areas.

🤔 Why you should care: As climate change continues to create more severe weather patterns, Microsoft believes that Aurora “could transform our ability to predict and mitigate the impacts of extreme events” and have positive impacts on agriculture, transportation, and disaster preparedness.

🍔 Quick hits

  • Microsoft is investing $3.2B, over two years, in cloud and AI infrastructure in Sweden.

  • UK parcel delivery service—Evri—has invested £1M in AI through a partnership with AI consultancy Robiquity, to improve customer service.

  • A study by messaging platform, Slack, has found that workers are increasingly using AI in the workplace, but many remain unsure how to leverage them effectively.

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