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  • 📞 Deepfake Biden robocall tells residents not to vote

📞 Deepfake Biden robocall tells residents not to vote

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  1. 📞 Deepfake Biden robocall tells residents not to vote

  2. 🗣️ Gmail to include “Help Me Write” AI voice feature

  3. 🥇 AMD beats Nvidia in AI hardware race

  4. 🚗 Google integrates AI into cars to reduce driver distraction

  5. 💹 China's chipmaking imports reach $40B

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Our Report: A doctored phone message that used AI to impersonate President Biden’s voice told New Hampshire residents not to attend the Democratic presidential candidate polls on Tuesday.

🔑 Key Points: 

  • The fake audio phone message (which included familiar Biden phrases such as “What a bunch of malarkey”) was circulated to multiple voters in New Hampshire, telling them to “save their vote for the November election.” 

  • The call came from the personal cellphone number of Kathy Sullivan–the former Democratic party chair–and she alerted the authorities, stating it was an “outright election interference, and an attempt to harass me and other New Hampshire voters.”

  • It’s unknown how many people received the call, but a spokesperson for Sullivan claimed it was at least a dozen, and those who received it are being urged to email the election law unit.

  • Although it’s not known who made these calls, a representative of Dean Phillips (who is challenging Biden for the presidential candidate role) confirmed that Phillip’s team wasn’t involved, and The Trump campaign also confirmed it had nothing to do with it.

🤨 Why you should care: Advancements in AI technology are being progressively used in campaigns to unlawfully suppress voters and influence public opinion in elections across the globe.

Are we becoming savvier to deepfakes?

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  • Gmail has announced voice-activated prompt support (yet to be released), allowing users to converse within the application. Now, using generative AI, users can say “Help me write…” rather than manually typing out the same sentence.

  • It’s currently in beta (available on the Gmail mobile app) and includes a “Draft email with voice” option that allows users to record a voice prompt, which is then converted into a draft email that users can edit.

  • This latest development is part of Google’s ongoing campaign to include more AI-powered features in its tool stack, which already includes ‘Google Duet AI’ (an AI writing assistant) and ‘Circle to Search’ (available on new Pixel phones & the S24 range).

 Brand Management

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“Using the 'PASTOR' framework, write a marketing campaign outline that addresses the pain points of [ideal customer persona] and presents our [product/service] as the solution. Identify the [problem] they are facing, amplify the consequences of not solving it, tell a [story] related to the problem, include [testimonials] from happy customers, present our [offer], and request a response."

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Remote / $62,000/yr - $72,000/yr / Entry-level position

“As a Junior Machine Learning Engineer, you will have the chance to work on exciting projects, develop your skills, and contribute to the development and implementation of machine learning solutions. This is an excellent chance for individuals looking to kick-start their careers in the field of machine learning and gain valuable experience in a collaborative and supportive environment.”

  • To reduce the amount of time drivers spend looking at their phones or in-car screens while driving, Google is introducing a new version of ‘Android Auto’ which will use AI to simplify long texts and chats, making them easier to understand.

  • AI-powered suggestions and replies (eg. drivers will be able to send their ETA based on their Google Maps route) will make it easier for drivers to respond and take action—without using their phones—while on the road.

  • ‘Android Auto’ is compatible with most major car brands, and car manufacturers including Volvo and Polestar currently utilize it to power their in-car infotainment systems (with Nissan, Ford, and Porsche expected to integrate it this year).

  • AMD began shipping its Instinct MI300-series products (currently being used by Google, Meta, and Microsoft), which notably outperforms NIVIDI’s rival AI chip (the H200), marking an important milestone for AMD.

  • According to one of AMD’s largest customers (LaminiAI), customers have started receiving their new MI300X AI chips, whilst NVIDIA’s competitor chip—the H200—is yet to hit the market.

  • LaminiAI has developed a partnership with AMD and has priority access to AMD’s AI hardware, using it to run LLMs for enterprises. Furthermore, AMD expects the MI300 series to be the first product in sales history to make $1B in sales.

  • China imported $40B worth of AI semiconductor equipment and machinery in 2023 (despite US sanctions), with imports in June and July alone worth $5B—a 14% increase from 2022.

  • In December, they began importing semiconductor equipment from the Netherlands (home to major semiconductor equipment manufacturers, such as ASML) with importations increasing by 1,000%, compared to 2022.

  • Chinese imports, in general, have fallen by 5% from 2022, so this influx in AI hardware imports indicates China’s dedication to achieving chip self-sufficiency, but it also highlights that they still need help from Western countries.

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