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And Amazon enters the world of AI

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In today’s daily dose of AI greatness, you’ll discover:

💡 3 Life-changing tools
🥊 3 Quick Tips
🖌️ 3 Hot News Bites

And a unique 🧩 AI Challenge to test your skills

💡 3 Life-Changing Tools

💡 Tool #1: 10Web - Your WordPress Wingman

10Web is a WordPress website builder that aims to simplify your website creation and management process. With an AI-based feature, you can recreate websites by simply entering their URL. The platform also offers a range of plugins and themes and high-speed hosting.

🥊 Quick Tip: Try using 10Web's AI Builder to replicate a website you admire. It's a fantastic way to get inspiration and see how your site would look in a different style. If running multiple websites, consider using 10Web's multi-site management tool. This will help you save time by managing all your sites from a single dashboard.

💡 Tool #2: Looka - Your Personal Logo Designer

Looka is an AI-driven platform that assists you in crafting a unique logo and brand identity. It generates various custom logo designs based on your inputs, which you can refine per your vision. Plus, Looka offers a Brand Kit for all your branding materials.

🥊 Quick Tip: Experiment with different styles and symbols on Looka. You never know. You might stumble upon a design that perfectly embodies your brand's essence. Try incorporating aspects of your brand's story or values into the design elements for a distinct and memorable logo. It can make your logo resonate more with your target audience.

💡 Tool #3: Durable - Your Website Wizard

Durable is an AI website builder that quickly generates professional websites for your business. Beyond that, it offers small business software to help manage your business operations seamlessly.

🥊 Quick Tip: Allow Durable to generate a business name for you. It's a fun way to brainstorm; you might find the name you've been looking for. To enhance your website's SEO, use the content generated by Durable as a base and then customize it. Infuse your brand's voice and sprinkle in those all-important keywords to help boost your site's visibility in search engine results.

🧩 Challenge Round

5 Minute Durable Challenge

  1. Use the AI name generator to find a catchy name for your business and a custom domain name.

  2. Once you’ve selected a name, click “Generate a site for it”

  3. Review the website that Durable AI created for you and click “Regenerate Section” to recreate any part of the site quickly.

  4. Click “Customize” and make any custom changes.

  5. Reply to this email with a link or screenshot of your creation.

The best entry gets one month free of ChatGPT+ (or Poe.com) and featured in tomorrow’s newsletter.

🖌️ 3 Hot News Bites

1: Revolutionizing Medicine with AI: Pharmaceutical companies are embracing AI to develop new drugs. AI is now being used to speed up this process. By analyzing large datasets of chemical compounds, AI can identify potential drug targets and design new molecules that are more likely to be effective.

2: Amazon enters the world of AI: Amazon is working on a new feature allowing customers to use a conversational chatbot driven by AI to search for products on its website. It also explains how this could improve the user experience and increase revenue.

3: Say Goodbye to Human Narrators: Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the audiobook industry, and it could significantly impact the livelihoods of human narrators. AI-generated audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular as they offer several advantages over traditional audiobooks narrated by humans. AI-generated audiobooks are often more affordable and can be produced faster than human-narrated audiobooks.

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