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  • ⛳️ Coursera sees new sign up for AI courses every minute

⛳️ Coursera sees new sign up for AI courses every minute

🧠 Use Brainstorm Buddy for your SaaS ideas

Happy Friday everyone!

We want to keep you all in the loop, and we’re happy to announce 2 projects that we’ve been working tirelessly on in the background….

  1. AI Job Board (WorkInAI): We’re building the best, most intuitive, and easily filterable job board for those looking to get into the AI space. We’re putting a big focus on non-technical roles and can’t wait to share more for our release date on February 5th!

  2. AI Accreditations: We’ll be providing more information on this at a later date but let’s just say we’ve been working with some of the biggest and best in the industry to bring you the most comprehensive and tangible approach to AI education on the market. More details closer to our release date of March 5th!

👀 What are you more excited for and why?

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🌤️ This Morning on AI Tool Report

  1. ⛳️ Coursera sees new sign up for AI courses every minute

  2. 👀 Google’s AI-first startup accelerator for North America

  3. 💵 Netherlands to invest $222M in AI sector

  4. 📚 Microsoft makes its AI-powered reading tutor free

  5. 🤖 BMW & Figure take on Tesla’s robot

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Brought to you by YellowBrick


Our Report: Coursera’s sign-ups for its AI-related courses have experienced a huge surge in 2023, with CEO Jeff Maggioncalda revealing that they average a new user every minute.

🔑 Key Points:

  • Over 7.4M enrollments were recorded in Coursera's 800+ AI courses last year, with students gaining access to a ChatGPT-like AI assistant named "Coach" for personalized tutoring.

  • The surge was largely driven by the global impact of ChatGPT, and Coursera’s collaborations with the likes of OpenAI & Google to offer AI courses directly from tech companies themselves.

  • Coursera has also utilized AI to translate approximately 4,000 courses into various languages and is gearing up to expand its AI offerings by leveraging AI models from OpenAI & Google to expand Coach (Personalized AI tutor).

🤨 Why you should care: We’ve long been aware of the lack of real tangible education in the area of AI; hence our enthusiasm about building our own accreditations with industry leaders going live on March 5th!

In Partnership with MindStudio

Join this expert-led full-day certification course on Saturday, January 27th, designed for developers eager to master AI with MindStudio. This course offers an immersive experience in AI development, covering everything from the basics to advanced techniques.

Perfect for both beginners and seasoned developers, this program will empower you with the skills to create sophisticated no-code AI applications.

Spaces are limited, so secure your spot today and be part of this exclusive AI development adventure!


  • Google Cloud has launched the "Google for Startups Accelerator: AI-First" a 10-week program aimed at AI-centric startups in the U.S. and Canada, with applications open until February 15th.

  • Participants will gain access to Google's AI tools (including Gemini) and attend workshops on various topics like UX, product development, and marketing—culminating in a Demo Day where startups showcase their products/services to potential partners and investors.

  • The program provides equity-free mentorship and technical support, focusing on startups that integrate AI into their main products or services, with plans to expand to Europe, India & Brazil in the long term.

Use Case Example: Strategic Plans for Your SaaS Business

  1. Step 1: Where to start: Your SaaS business is aiming for the next level, but you need a solid plan. You're looking for fresh, strategic moves to stand out in the market.

  2. Step 2: Consult Brainstorm Buddy: Time to tap into Brainstorm Buddy. You ask, "Can you brainstorm strategic plans that give my SaaS business a boost?"

  3. Step 3: Explore New Strategies:

    • Brainstorm Buddy lays out a game plan:

    • Enhance your software features based on user feedback.

    • Develop a referral program to reward loyal users.

    • Create tiered pricing models to attract a wider range of customers..

    • Form strategic partnerships for cross-promotion and feature integration.

  4. Step 4: Implement and Adapt: You start integrating these strategies, setting your SaaS business up for more user sign-ups and better retention rates. You keep an eye on the results, ready to tweak things as you learn what works best for your customers and your business.

By following these steps, your SaaS business begins to see stronger growth and a clearer direction.

Remote / $130K+ / 8 years experience required

“Join a dynamic entertainment technology startup at the forefront of connecting artists and brands through data-powered recommendations, fostering meaningful collaborations. Our revolutionary approach optimizes talent partnership deals, propelling us towards innovation and market leadership. We seek an experienced Senior Product Manager to drive our product roadmap and contribute to our journey of creativity and technological excellence.”

Remote / $70-75hr / Need proven expertise in AI

“We are seeking a dynamic individual with a profound understanding of AI technology to join our team in a functional role. The ideal candidate will possess a strong grasp of AI concepts and methodologies. While a functional understanding is paramount, a hands-on approach to AI development would be highly advantageous, as there is a long-term vision for this role to evolve into a hands-on AI developer position.”

Remote / $165K+ / 7-10 years in Enterprise experience required

“As our Enterprise Demand Generation Lead at Vanta, you will be responsible for driving growth and pipeline generation for our Enterprise segment. You will work with cross-functional teams, including Product Marketing, Sales, and Operations, to establish, test, and revise growth strategies that support pipeline and revenue goals.”

  • The Dutch government has announced its immediate adoption of the principles of Europe's AI Act, by allocating $222M to stimulate local investment in the AI sector.

  • This decision, outlined in a governmental document, is part of their strategy to benefit from generative AI systems (as developed economies are bound to) like ChatGPT while managing associated risks.

  • The EU's AI Act is yet to be formally enacted, but the Netherlands is proactively applying its guidelines—and the Dutch government has emphasized the need for European collaboration in AI to compete globally.

  • Microsoft has announced the free availability of Reading Coach (its AI-powered reading tutor) to anyone with a Microsoft account.

  • Reading Coach, was initially launched in 2022 to assist learners in enhancing their reading skills through personalized, interactive exercises, and includes features like text-to-speech, syllable breaking, and picture dictionaries to aid learning.

  • Furthermore, educators can monitor students' progress, and a recent update introduced a "choose your own story" feature, leveraging AI to create personalized narrative adventures.

  • BMW has partnered with the robotics startup Figure (the company that just released a video of their robot making a pot of coffee) to implement humanoid robots in their U.S. manufacturing facility, aiming to enhance automation.

  • This collaboration—which is the first commercial deal for Figure since its 2022 inception—will initially involve a small number of robots, with potential expansion based on performance.

  • These robots will integrate into various manufacturing processes and aligns with broader automotive industry trends, where companies like Tesla and Honda are exploring humanoid robots for repetitive and hazardous tasks in assembly lines.

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