ChatGPT to accurately answer coding queries

Microsoft in battle with OpenAI?

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Tuesday’s top story: OpenAI has formed a partnership with the leading code question platform, Stack Overflow, to enhance ChatGPT’s software engineering responses and bolster Stacks AI models.

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  1. 🧑‍💻 ChatGPT to accurately answer coding queries

  2. 👊 Microsoft in battle with OpenAI?

  3. 🚗 NVIDIA backs Tesla rival

  4. 🦘 “Jump ahead” with YouTube

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ChatGPT now accurately answers coding queries

Our Story: OpenAI is collaborating with Stack Overflow—the go-to platform for coding questions—to bring more technical information into ChatGPT and improve Stack’s own AI models.

🔑 Key Points:

  • OpenAI has access to Stack Overflow’s database of code and software engineering knowledge to train ChatGPT, giving developers more accurate responses to programming queries.

  • Stack Overflow will be attributed in ChatGPT responses and will use OpenAI’s GPT model to add AI-powered natural language search to its own AI model, Overflow AI.

  • This follows a similar partnership Stack made with Google (in February) so Gemini for Google Cloud users can get coding suggestions directly from Stack Overflow.

🤔 Why you should care: This partnership marks a shift for Stack Overflow, which previously banned responses from ChatGPT from its platform (over concerns about poor quality), as it embraces AI to maintain its position as a valuable resource for developers.

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Microsoft in battle with OpenAI?
  • Despite its partnership with OpenAI, Microsoft’s new consumer AI group (led by AI start-up Inflection’s ex-CEO) is creating its own in-house large language model (LLM), called MAI-1.

  • MAI-1 will utilize about 500B parameters, directly rivaling industry-leading LLMs like OpenAI’s GPT-4 Anthropic’s Claude, and Google’s Gemini. 

  • It’s expected to use Infection’s technology, and have similar capabilities to OpenAI’s GPT models and Microsoft’s new small AI model (Phi-3)—designed for use on smartphones.

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🚗 NVIDIA backs Tesla rival

  • Self-driving start-up (and Tesla rival) Wayve has closed $1.05B in Series C funding, led by NVIDIA, (previous backers) Microsoft, and SoftBank, marking the biggest UK-AI fundraising round.

  • This capital injection will provide Wayve with more training data than Tesla, enabling it to develop its AI product (Embodied AI) and allow automated driving and other AI-assisted features.

  • Wayve co-founder and CEO—Alex Kendall—also hinted at the possibility of developing Embodied AI (which is hardware-agnostic) for the robotics sector.


🦘 “Jump ahead” with YouTube

  • YouTube is launching its AI-powered “Jump Ahead” feature (which it began testing in March) for its US Premium subscribers (who have Android devices), on English-language videos.

  • “Jump Ahead” utilizes user data and AI to predict which parts of a video viewers are most likely to skip ahead to, and then allows users to jump ahead to these best parts, by clicking a button.

  • As it’s still an experimental feature, it’s available for users to try out until June 1st, following this, they may roll it out as part of its Premium subscription, or they may extend the experiment.

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