✍️ How to become a master copywriter with AI

And OpenAI's CEO Pushes for AI Regulation

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In today’s daily dose of AI greatness, you’ll discover:

💡 3 Life-changing tools
🥊 3 Quick Tips
🖌️ 3 Hot News Bites

And a unique 🧩 AI Challenge to test your skills

💡 3 Life-Changing Tools

💡 Tool #1: Copy.ai: Explore AI-Powered Copywriting

Copy.ai is a tool that harnesses the power of OpenAI to help you generate diverse types of content. It's an innovative way to experiment with your writing tasks and see how AI can supplement your creative process!

🥊 Quick Tip: Use the Social Post feature to craft an engaging Instagram caption. Don't just stick to one template, mix and match different ones to see how versatile the AI can be. The more you experiment, the better results you'll get.

💡 Tool #2: Adcreative.ai: Experiment with AI-Generated Ad Creatives

Adcreative AI is an AI tool designed to assist in creating visually compelling ad creatives. Experiment with design and observe how AI can improve your ad campaigns.

🥊 Quick Tip: When generating an ad creative, use specific product benefits in your input for more tailored results. Let AI focus on the visuals while you focus on the value! Don't limit yourself to one design style. Mix, match, and experiment with different color schemes, layouts, and emotions. The more diverse your approach, the more likely you will stumble upon an engaging combination.

💡 Tool #3: Fy! Studio: Play with AI-Assisted Artistry

This tool uses AI to transform your ideas into beautiful drawings in no time, giving you a unique way to engage with art and creativity!

🥊 Quick Tip: Be specific with your prompts. The more detailed your description, the more exact your AI-generated drawing will be. Think of it as a way to train the AI to create what's in your imagination.

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🧩 Challenge Round

Adcreative.ai Rapid Ad Design Challenge

Objective: Make one of your many pending product ideas come to life! Create an appealing ad creative for a product within 5 minutes.


  1. Make a free account at Adcreative.ai and select “Generate Ad Creatives”

  2. Input your product details and choose the social media platform for your ad.

  3. Generate the ad creative and choose the one that you find most attractive.

  4. Share your AI-created ad with your peers or on social media, highlighting your prowess in rapid ad design!

🖌️ 3 Hot News Bites

1: OpenAI CEO Pushes for A.I Regulation: Sam Altman testified in a Senate hearing, agreeing on the need for A.I. regulation. He proposed an agency to issue licenses, safety regulations, and tests for large-scale A.I. models. Altman even decided to participate in a demonstration of ChatGPT, his company's generative artificial intelligence tool that can produce effective human-like responses.

2: Apple's New Innovative Feature Transforms Lives: Apple has introduced new accessibility features, including personal voice, which enables individuals who may lose their ability to speak to create a synthetic voice resembling their own. These features aim to make technology more accessible for people with cognitive, vision, hearing, and mobility impairments.

3: WHO Flags Risks of AI in Healthcare Domain: The World Health Organization (WHO) urges caution in using AI for public healthcare due to concerns of bias and misuse of data. They acknowledge the potential of AI but emphasize the need for responsible use in improving access to health information, decision-support, and diagnostic care.

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