🤖 How to automate tasks with 1 click

And ChatGPT gets a browsing upgrade

Welcome back to another day in the world of AI, as we learn how to automate just about everything, and ChatGPT gets a significant upgrade with Bing integration.

Here's a glimpse into what we've prepared for you today:

  • 🛠️ Tools: ‘BardeenAI” brings you next-level automation

  • 💡 Prompts: Build a nurture campaign in seconds

  • 🧠 News: ChatGPT gets a Browsing Makeover

  • 🎨AI Art: Black Metal Snow White

Featured Tools Schedule - Week of May 22

Monday: Wiseone- Summarize any article in seconds

Tuesday: Numerous AI- Bringing ChatGPT into Excel & Sheets

Wednesday: Bardeen AI- Automation as easy as texting a friend

Thursday: Midjourney- Create any image with simple text prompts

Friday: KickResume- AI Resume Writer

AI Professor

Bardeen is an impressive tool that helps you automate nearly everything about your workflow. It’s hard to give a detailed summary without making this review unreadable, so here is a quick list:

  • Marketing: Save LinkedIn profile data, Amazon best-selling products, Google search results, and more.

  • Sales: Save LinkedIn group profiles or draft personalized emails

  • Meetings: Send reminders, upload Zoom recordings to Drive, generate summaries, etc.

  • Custom: Anything else you can think of with zero code

The product relies on three core capabilities: the custom workflow builder, the data scraper, and the automation AI. It’s free to use, so it’s worth an hour to see if its tools suit your needs.

🏆 Challenge Round 🏆

As with most automation, the cost is upfront. Test the free version of Bardeen to do a simple task:

  • Open a group you’re part of on LinkedIn

  • Go to the Members Page (top right, “show all” under the total members)

  • Run Bardeen’s “Get a list of LinkedIn group members”

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AI Sommelier

Visit  https://chat.openai.com/ to engage with ChatGPT

Scouring every AI-related post to bring you the best ready-made prompts to make you more effective and productive.


Give me a series of [X] nuture emails for a sales campaign selling [PRODUCT/COURSE]. Keep them under 100 words each with a clear call to action.


Give me three sales follow up emails to keep contact with a potential lead. Tone should be respectful. Also, can you recommend how long I should wait before sending each one?


Write a personalized note to each name on this list, thanking them for attending [EVENT]. Tone should be warm and grateful.

For business, include: “And add a sentence that I plan to keep in touch.”

I'd like the prompt section to be:

All feedback and comments are deeply appreciated.

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AI Reporter

ChatGPT gets a Browsing Makeover - Microsoft announced that it will offer its Bing search engine as the default browsing option for users of ChatGPT, allowing the chatbot to provide more accurate answers with citations. This decision aims to enhance Bing's market share and compete with Google's AI models.

Microsoft unleashing the ultimate AI Solution - Microsoft has introduced Azure AI Studio, a cloud-based platform for developers to build and customize their own AI models. It is built on the Azure OpenAI Service and offers tools to train, fine-tune, and combine models for various applications Microsoft aims to enable developers to create AI copilots utilizing OpenAI's Codex model to generate code suggestions.

Transforming Images with Text - Adobe announced that it is adding a new feature called Generative Fill to its Photoshop software, which allows users to create and edit images using text prompts powered by Adobe’s AI image generator. Firefly allows users to create and edit images using text prompts.

AI Art Curator

Top-voted generative art to inspire

/imagine Black Metal Snow White

/imagine how Midjourney sees itself

/imagine Tim Burton’s Mickey Mouse

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