📱 Apple’s new AI finally revealed

💥 Musk’s ultimatum to Apple

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Tuesday’s top story: Apple has finally revealed its highly anticipated, new AI features, during its keynote announcement at its Worldwide Developer Conference.

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  1. 📱 Apple’s new AI finally revealed

  2. 💥 Musk’s ultimatum to Apple

  3. 🔥 OpenAI's bold new hires

  4. 🚨 Microsoft axe Copilot feature

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 Apple’s new AI finally revealed

Our Report: Each year, Apple kicks off its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC)—which began yesterday—with a stream of announcements, which (as expected) were centered around AI, and we’ve summarized three key ones, below.

🔑 Key Points:

  • Apple Intelligence has a major focus on security and will use contextual data to answer questions, generate images, and summarize text for iPhone 15 Pro/Max devices.

  • An upgraded Siri—which connects to ChatGPT-4—understands context better, can keep track of follow-up requests and questions, and find specific photos and information.

  • iOS 18 will include these AI features plus new ones that will summarize emails, generate responses, create custom emojis based on text prompts, and produce AI-powered images.

🤔 Why you should care: The AI updates announced were heavily focused on privacy, data, security, and building "AI for the rest of us," as Apple positions itself as “safe, easy AI for the masses”: An alternative to flashy, complicated, error-prone, and dangerous AI products from other tech companies.

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Musk’s ultimatum to Apple

Our Report: Following Apple’s announcement about the integration of ChatGPT into Siri at its WWDC keynote yesterday—thereby confirming its partnership with OpenAI—Elon Musk is threatening to ban Apple devices from all his companies, including Tesla, xAI, and X.

🔑 Key Points:

  • Musk said the integration was a “security violation”, and if Apple went through with it, all Apple devices would be banned and visitors would need to leave their devices in “a Faraday cage.”

  • Apple and OpenAI had already confirmed that user “requests are not stored by OpenAI, IP addresses are obscured” and users are asked before “questions are sent to ChatGPT”.

  • But Musk firmly believes that “Apple has no clue what’s going on once they hand your data over to OpenAI. They’re selling you down the river” and are “not protecting privacy at all.”

🤔 Why you should care: While Apple might not know the inner workings of OpenAI, they’re giving users the choice of whether they hand their data to OpenAI or not, and if they do, “their data preferences will apply under ChatGPT’s policies,” which makes you wonder why Musk is kicking up such a fuss: Could it be genuine concern over safety, or could it be part of his ongoing feud with OpenAI (and Apple)?

Is Musk really concerned about user safety?

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🔥 OpenAI's bold new hires

Our Report: OpenAI has hired two, top-tier, C-suite executives to help “scale operations, set a strategy for the next phase of growth, and ensure teams have the resources they need to continue to thrive.

🔑 Key Points:

  • Kevin Weil—who was previously Product VP at Instagram and Twitter and Head of Product at Planet Labs—will join as OpenAI’s new Chief Product Officer.

  • Sarah Friar—who has worked at Goldman Sachs and McKinsey, was previously Square's CFO and, most recently, was the CEO of Nextdoor—will be the new CFO.

  • Friar and Weil have both publically expressed their excitement about joining the team, with Weil calling OpenAI’s mission "the most important and transformative of them all."

🤔 Why you should care: These new hires come as OpenAI’s leadership team faces growing concerns about its prioritization of commercialization objectives over safety, and the recent disbandment of its high-profile safety team.


🚨 Microsoft axe Copilot feature

Our Report: Following an announcement in March that it was adding a Copilot GPT Builder feature to its Copilot Pro subscription—allowing subscribers to create custom Copilot AI assistants—Microsoft is now removing the feature, next month.

🔑 Key Points:

  • Pro subscribers have been told that, from July 10, they will not be able to create and configure Copilot GPTs in Copilot Pro, and any Copilot GPTs they’ve created will not be accessible.

  • Microsoft made this decision so it can prioritize “AI-based features which improve Copilot Pro for consumers”, and shift its focus from consumer GPTs to “Commercial and Enterprise” ones.

  • Reportedly, there were also concerns that the feature was empowering users with minimal coding knowledge to develop AI chatbots, without proper guidance, which could be damaging.

🤔 Why you should care: The fact that Microsoft is still offering the GPT builder feature to its commercial and enterprise customers could indicate that the growth of Copilot in the consumer market was slower than expected and it’s trying to cut budget by removing compute-heavy features, like Copilot GPT.

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