🛍️ Amazon launches AI shopping assistant

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Today’s top story: Amazon launches Rufus, its new AI-powered shopping assistant, which will answer questions, provide recommendations, and make comparisons.


Plus, we're launching a new GPT every week, to celebrate the opening of the GPT store. This week was the Bionic Speed Reader, and today is the final edition: Transform Your Documents, which is designed to digest large volumes of information in a short time.


🌤️ This Morning on AI Tool Report

  1. 🛍️ Amazon launches AI shopping assistant

  2. 🍎 Apple confirms AI features are coming this year

  3. 🍟 Meta to launch new AI chip

  4. ⚡ Google’s Bard gets new AI capabilities

  5. 🔍 Chrome rival ‘Arc’ builds self-browsing AI agent

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Our Report: Amazon is launching a generative AI-powered shopping assistant called Rufus (after their corgi mascot) that can answer customers' shopping queries, provide recommendations, and make comparisons.

🔑 Key Points: 

  • Rufus has been trained using Amazon’s product catalog, customer reviews, community Q&As, and publicly available data from across the web.

  • Customers can chat with Rufus from inside the mobile app and either type or orally ask it questions like “What are good gifts for Valentine’s Day?” or “Is this jacket machine washable?

  • It’s already been launched (as a beta version) to a select group of USA customers but is expected to be rolled out to more users in the coming weeks.

🤨 Why should you care: The release builds on Amazon's recent AI additions including Fit Review (personalized size guidance) and Amazon Q (chatbot for business), although, it might be worth exercising caution when using Rufus, as Amazon Q revealed confidential data when it launched.

Will you use Amazon's Rufus to help you with your shopping?

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  • Apple CEO, Tim Cook, announced (during the quarterly earnings report) that new generative AI features will be released to customers ‘’later this year.”

  • Cook didn’t mention specifics—preferring to “do work and then talk about work”—but his announcement aligns with Bloomberg’s report that iOS18 will be the biggest update in its history.

  • Experts are speculating that these updates could include a ChatGPT version of Siri, AI within Apple Music, and an AI assistant within Messages.

  • It’s unknown when these new AI upgrades will land, but they usually introduce iPhone upgrades in June and roll them out in September, with the launch of the new iPhone.

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  • Meta is developing an AI chip (Artemis) which is the second generation of their AI silicon project, which was scrapped last year, forcing them to buy billions of NVIDIA chips instead.

  • If Artemis can be produced at scale, it will reduce Meta’s reliance on specialized NVIDIA chips to power products like the Quest headset and Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses.

  • Meta plans to roll out the chips this year, confirming it is purchasing off-the-shelf GPUs (default AI chips) to work alongside it, to deliver the best performance for Meta workloads.

  • Google announced that Bard is getting an image generator and a double-check feature, and will now be available in 40 languages in over 230 countries.

  • Users will be able to generate high-quality, photorealistic custom images (for free) by giving Bard a descriptive prompt (similar to ChatGPT and Copilot).

  • They can also substantiate Bard's responses by using the double-check feature to read the supporting and contradicting arguments from content across the web.

  • Alongside these, Google is also introducing an AI update to Google Maps which uses user insights and data from 250M locations to suggest personalized ‘places of interest.’

  • The Arc browser (made by The Browser Company) is integrating an AI agent that will surf the web and return results, without using search engines.

  • For example, if you type “dinner reservations at Llama Inn, for two people, tonight” into the browser, the AI agent will find and directly deliver available time slots for the Llama Inn.

  • This follows their new iPhone web browser app (Arc Search) which can read links related to the topic you’re searching for and summarize the information for you.

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