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  • 📢 Adobe announces Gen-AI tool for on-brand marketing

📢 Adobe announces Gen-AI tool for on-brand marketing

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Wednesday’s top story: Adobe launches new Gen-AI content creation platform, designed to help marketers auto-create content that perfectly aligns with brand guidelines.

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  1. 📢 Adobe announces Gen-AI tool for on-brand marketing

  2. 🥳 Instagram co-founders keep AI news app alive

  3. 💪 Microsoft Teams gets major AI upgrade

  4. 🚀 Airtable launches groundbreaking AI features

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Our Report: Adobe has announced a new content creation platform—GenStudio—which leverages generative AI to streamline content creation, allowing marketers to manage campaigns and measure performance while remaining on-brand.

🔑 Key Points:

  • GenStudio (first previewed in September) is an AI platform that creates on-brand assets for email, social media, and display ads (with support for website content coming soon).

  • Marketers can add copy guidance, assets, and brand guidelines to GenStudio and the system will continuously check to ensure all visual and text-based content is on-brand.

  • It also provides marketers with integrated analytics which give them insight into which attributes, assets and campaigns are performing best, and why. 

🤨 Why you should care: Adobe built GenStudio in response to a survey that revealed marketers still feel wary about using GenAI tools for content creation because they’re concerned that AI could produce damaging, off-brand messaging.

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  • Artifact—the AI-powered news app from Instagram’s co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger—was due to shutdown in Feb, as the market wasn’t “big enough for continued investment.

  • However, the app is still live and functioning, with Systrom and Krieger claiming that they’re “exploring all possible routes for it going forward”, hinting at a possible exit deal.

  • This follows the influx of AI-powered news readers that have recently launched, including Particle (built by former Twitter engineers) which raised $4.4M in seed funding.

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  • Microsoft has improved the way its AI-powered chatbot—Copilot—works in Microsoft Teams, introducing new ways to use the assistant during meetings, chats, and video calls.

  • Copilot can now combine meeting recordings and written chats into a single view, rewrite chats (adding CTAs and adhering to context and tone), and take notes during meetings.

  • In addition, Teams will soon have automatic camera switching—which auto-selects the best view of each person in a meeting—and speaker recognition to improve call transcript accuracy.

  • Following tests with 1,200 organizations (including AWS) Airtable—a project management tool (similar to Jira)—has introduced AI features that rival Google and Microsoft’s.

  • The new feature collects data from different places within the platform, allowing users to understand project metrics, and share these insights via email or social.

  • It also categorizes and tags information, directs action items to appropriate teams, and translates data into various languages (keeping the same tone), enhancing productivity.

After leaving Apple, the founder of ZeroInbox wanted to build something to help people with their emails.

Working in Silicon Valley, he realized a solution to email was to let people keep their original Gmail and Hotmail addresses but make the experience better with AI.

The goal of ZeroInbox is to eventually have insights into your email corpus. Asking questions about your emails like you would an assistant!

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