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  • ✈️ $800M government pilot project to democratize AI in the US

✈️ $800M government pilot project to democratize AI in the US

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  1. ✈️ $800M pilot project to democratize AI in the US

  2. 📈 Microsoft hits $3 trillion market cap thanks to AI

  3. 🫱🏻‍🫲🏻 NVIDIA & Equinix offer AI supercomputer service

  4. 🚸 Google announces AI features for UK teachers

  5. 🏭 EU to support AI startups with innovation package

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Our Report: The National AI Research Resource (NAIRR)—an initiative that gives US AI researchers access to AI models, computing power, and datasets—has launched a two-year pilot to democratize AI.

🔑 Key Points: 

  • The pilot has an $800M p/y budget, and a coalition of US agencies and private partners (including The National Science Foundation, NASA, OpenAI, NVIDIA, and Microsoft) have already pledged their expertise, resources, and funding.

  • The scheme should enable wider access to AI resources, AI research, interoperability between AI platforms, and training, for projects focusing on healthcare and sustainability AI.

  • To apply for the pilot, AI researchers must submit a proposal to NAIRR (military AI research is excluded), and it’s expected that they will only accept between 20-50 applicants for this round.

🤨 Why you should care: The pilot scheme will provide wider access to AI funding, resources, and expertise to ensure the US remains the leading AI innovation hub in the world, ahead of China, the UK, Japan, and Germany.

Do you think this pilot will keep the US ahead in the AI race?

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  • Microsoft has become the second company in the world (Apple was the first) to achieve a market capitalization of $3 trillion, with shares rising by 1.1%, reaching $403.28.

  • Demand for its cloud computing, gaming, and software products, strategic acquisitions, and a commitment to AI have contributed to this valuation.

  • Since ChatGPT's release, Microsoft shares have been up by 60% (beating the likes of Apple and Nasdaq), and they’ve posted record revenues in the last two fiscal quarters.

  • Although they’ll post their quarterly earnings next week (Thursday, 1st February), analysts are predicting they’ll report $61B in sales.

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  • Data center operator, Equinix, and NVIDIA have partnered up to provide enterprises with their supercomputing systems and management services so they can own their AI systems, allowing better control over data privacy and security.

  • Customers can buy NVIDIA supercomputing systems and have Equinix install and manage the infrastructure, giving them a cost-effective, and secure way to adopt advanced AI infrastructures.

  • Corporate leaders in biopharma, financial services, automotive, and retail are already using this service to accelerate time to market, develop AI copilots for customer service agents, and build virtual productivity assistants.

  • Google will launch new AI-powered educational features that will enable quicker and easier lesson planning and classroom management for UK-based teachers.

  • Google already allows teachers to add questions to educational videos, but the updated feature will use AI to suggest questions and hints (in over 50 languages) at specific time points during the videos.

  • They’re also planning to release an AI-powered lesson-planning tool that allows teachers to narrate their classroom slides and view classroom analytics like attendance, assignment completion, and test results.

  • The EU has launched an “AI innovation package” to give startups easier access to AI-dedicated supercomputers, data, algorithms, and expertise to support AI ecosystem development in Europe.

  • They’re also planning to create “AI factories” for startups to access supercomputer-friendly programming facilities aimed at improving the development of general-purpose AI applications.

  • These initiatives, (and the anticipated AI governance guidelines), will be supported by a new public body (The AI Office), which will be a central coordination body for AI policy and will encourage AI uptake and innovation.

  • This follows the launch of the “large AI grand challenge” competition last year (which gave some recipients access to funding and supercomputers) proving the EU's commitment to supporting AI innovation.

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