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  • 🤖 How to 10x your productivity with ChatGPT for Excel

🤖 How to 10x your productivity with ChatGPT for Excel

And Amazon's AI palm-scanning tech

Welcome back to another day in the world of AI, as we learn how to supercharge your Excel productivity and delve into Amazon’s new palm-scanning technology.

Here's a glimpse into what we've prepared for you today:

  • 🛠️ Tools: ‘Numerous AI’ brings ChatGPT to Excel and Sheets

  • 💡 Prompts: Key elements for a successful prompt

  • 🧠 News: Meta's advancement in multilingual speech and Amazon’s AI palm-scanning tech

  • 🎨AI Art: The 47th President of the United States, Macho Man Randy Savage.

Featured Tools Schedule - Week of May 22

Monday: Wiseone- Summarize any article in seconds

Tuesday: Numerous AI- Bringing ChatGPT into Excel & Sheets

Wednesday: Bardeen AI- Automation as easy as texting a friend

Thursday: Midjourney- Create any image with simple text prompts

Friday: KickResume- AI Resume Writer

AI Professor

Numerous is an AI-powered toolbox that brings ChatGPT into your spreadsheets to drastically improve your productivity.

  • AI: Prompts ChatGPT to make educated guesses on what you need in a given context, like summarizing a large amount of text or showing you only prime numbers hiding in a formula.

  • INFER: Outsource busy work by teaching the extension to repeat a simple task. A good example is sorting things into categories.

  • WRITE: Use it to write SEO text, ad copy, or nearly anything else.

Numerous does a lot more. Perhaps the coolest is your ability to ask it to write a formula through text alone. Rather than sift through their formula menu, you can now ask Excel or Sheets to give you the function you need.

Numerous uses a token system, which means you can get started for free. Scaling plans range from $10 to $120/month, depending on how much you need.

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AI Sommelier

Visit chat.openai.com to engage with ChatGPT

We went to the source and asked ChatGPT what key elements were important for a successful prompt. Here’s what it said:

From experience, “Context” can often be excluded from the initial request. This is primarily due to the human tendency to be wordy, which can complicate or confuse your result. It’s often better to be concise in your initial interaction, adding context as necessary in subsequent prompts. For example

Explain [SEO] in a brief summary that a beginner can understand.

This foundation lets you build onto ChatGPT by giving additional context, such as “Further explain SEO with strategies and examples” or the even more specific “Explain SEO using strategies and examples from [YOUR BUSINESS].” 

The secret to success is simple: hard work,

in one direction, every day.

Randall Meyer
AI Reporter

Meta Unleashes Multilingual Speech Power - Meta has made a significant advancement in its Massively Multilingual Speech (MMS) project. Its vast dataset enables machines to understand and generate speech in thousands of languages. The project now has labeled data for over 1,100 languages and unlabelled data for nearly 4,000 languages.

Intel's AI Commitment - Intel is dedicated to supporting the AI communities with its product line-up, including CPUs, GPUs, and processors. Intel demonstrated high-performance capabilities, unveiled upcoming AI products, and announced a global initiative to create generative AI models for scientific and societal purposes.

Amazon One's Palm-Scanning Evolves - Amazon has expanded the use of its palm-scanning technology, Amazon One, to include age verification in places like bars. Initially designed for payments, this technology uses unique palm features to create a signature for identification purposes. You can enroll online using your Amazon account and finish the process at an Amazon One location.

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/imagine Macho Man Randy Savage, 47th President of the United States

/imagine Bernie Sanders as galactic emperor

/imagine saving private smurf

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